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Avoid bounced messages by reducing attachment size

Got pictures? If you’re like me you’ve got thousands, and can
easily share all of them on SkyDrive or Facebook, or any of
the other dozens of file sharing sites.

But when I want to send a few by e-mail, I have to be
careful not to exceed my ISP’s message limit of 10 MB.
Too often I do, and my message comes right back to
me – bounced.

The way I avoid this is by using a compressed picture format (such as .jpg), or by using the Mac application Preview, to reduce the image resolution.

It’s simple. In Preview, on the Tools menu, click Adjust Size. Enter a smaller value in the Resolution box, and Preview will show the new image size.

Then I can attach the new picture to my email, click Send, and know that it will reach its destination, instead of making a return trip.

Happy sharing.

-Radhika, Office for Mac writer

November 14th, 2011
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  1. Zachary Alex Stern says:

    Any chance of implementing access to Exchange Online Archives in Outlook for Mac? Originally EWS didn’t support Online Archive access, but since SP1 it does.

    It would be AWESOME.

    • Office for Mac Team says:

      Hi Zachary, We are looking at the Exchange Archiving solution for a future version of Outlook for Mac but I don’t have a timeframe I can provide at this time. It would not come in an Outlook 2011 update though. It would be a future version. Thanks.

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