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Cue up multiple songs in PowerPoint

With PowerPoint 2011 you can add dimension to your presentation by arranging multiple songs to play on certain slides.

To add multiple songs to your presentation follow these steps:

1)     Choose which slide you want your song to start playing.

2)     On the Home tab, click the Media button and select Audio Browser.

3)     The Audio Browser shows all music from iTunes or GarageBand. Find the song you want and drag it to your slide.

4)     If you want your music to start as soon as you enter the slide, select the speaker, then click the Start: dropdown on the Format Audio tab, and select Automatically.

5)     To control how many slides the song plays, click the Toolbox icon.

6)     Under the Custom Animation tab, select the song from the list then expand the Media Options section.

7)     Click the After button and select how many slides the song will play.

You’ll want to stop the song on the slide prior to the slide that will have the next song play in your presentation. For instance, if I want my next song to start playing on slide 10, and I want my first song to play through slides 1-9, I will choose Stop playing: After 9 slides.

Now you’ll be able to setup your presentation to play your songs at the right time.

Do you add soundtracks for a training video? Or do you add music for a picture slideshow? We’d love to hear the creative ways you use PowerPoint in your everyday lives!


June 26th, 2012
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