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Excel time-saver keyboard shortcuts

Here are a few time saving keyboard shortcuts to
get your week off to a productive start.

I’ve also included the equivalents in Excel for
Windows in case you have to jump back and
forth between platforms like I do.

- All Excel for Mac 2011 keyboard shortcuts
- Common Office for Mac 2011 keyboard shortcuts
- Create or delete a keyboard shortcut
- Excel for Windows 2010 keyboard shortcuts

January 23rd, 2012
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  1. jim w says:

    thanks for this post – it was very useful to me. i used to know lots of the shortcuts for the windows version, but then i switched to mac and they were different so i’ve had to rely on the mouse more.

  2. Gabe says:

    Is there any way to alter the keyboard shortcuts to be more like Windows? I know I can change them one-by-one, but is there some kind of Macro I could import to set them all in a similar fashion to the Windows version?

  3. Solyn says:

    Articles like this make life so much smipelr.

  4. Paul Burton says:

    I like the fact you can highlight a cell in a colour please can you make so the highlighted colour flashes or blinks on and off plus changes to another colour.
    Please can you also add the feature in Excel as in Word that when text is selected and F3 is pushed it changes the selected text from lower case to upper case and then starting with a capital letter.
    Many thanks,
    Paul Burton Worcester UK