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Who ya gonna call?

When you have problems or questions about Office for Mac, who do you turn to?

I can tell you who my dad does, which is why I created this “cheat sheet” to help divert some of his weekend distractions.

I thought I would share it here. Hopefully you’ll find it useful as well.

Questions on how to complete a task or use a feature in Office 2011?
Use Online Help.
- Word
- Excel
- PowerPoint
- Outlook

Tip: Use the search box in the upper right corner to find the most relevant topics.

Need more information or want to report an issue with content?
Check out the Facebook questions and comments that other customers post in Help topics. Or post your own.

Facebook posting in Office for Mac Help

Tip: If you post a question, be specific. Also, read the replies to other posts first – your question might have already been answered.

Want to learn something new?
Take a look at the training tutorials and videos.

Word basics, Excel basics, and Up to speed with the Office ribbon are good ones to start with. My personal favorites are Get started with charts and Edit pictures in Office.

Tip: You can also find all of the videos on the Office for Mac YouTube channel.

For technical support, articles about common issues, troubleshooting steps:
Use the Office for Mac Solution Center.

Office for Mac support center

Tip: If you are getting an error, search for the exact error message. Chances are you’ll find something relevant.

Have other technical questions?
Ask the experts in the Office for Mac Answers forum. Microsoft MVPs (Most Valued Professionals) and other community members are usually quick to respond. And it’s free.

Office for Mac Answers forum
Tip: If you have feedback about Office or want to report a bug, in any Office application, click Help > Send Feedback…, or go to the online form directly.

Questions or problems with Office for Windows?
Go to

Here are a few links to some of the pages I use most often.
- Help
- Training
- Templates (free)
- Images (also free)

- Lowell, Office for Mac writer

November 30th, 2011
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  1. Myndee Buchholz says:

    In Excel, after I have entered data into the cells and I hit enter I would like the cursor to move back to the first cell in my string of cells rather than moving straight down. How do I fix this?

    • Office for Mac Team says:

      Hi Myndee, Try this: Click Excel > Preferences > Edit, and then choose the setting you want for the “After pressing RETURN, move selection” option. However, the only options are Down, Right, Up, and Left. Hope that helps.

  2. Grant Bayley says:

    I have a Cloud-based Exchange 2007 server with some user mailboxes approaching 20gb in size.

    For my Windows Outlook users, I normally use AutoArchive on a regular schedule to make sure the amount we’re storing on the Cloud isn’t so much to download if the client ever crashes or has a profile failure.

    On the Mac, there does not seem to be a similar solution; Outlook 2011 seems to be missing this feature.

    Can you explain why? Can you suggest an alternative option? Do I need to wait for Office 2014 for this 10 year old feature?

    • Office for Mac Team says:

      Hi Grant. Thanks for your question. Currently, you can only export to a .pst/manually archive Outlook items.
      This Help topic contains more information.
      At this time we don’t have any information about an auto-archive feature in Outlook for Mac.

  3. steve wolf says:

    if i use office products on a mac, can i open, edit, delete on a pc?

  4. nick johnson says:

    I am working on my Mother in laws mac in word 2011. When she closes a document, she gets the following window Normal.dotm – This Document (code). Then a smaller window opens that says: Compile error: Method or data not found. When I close those two windows, I get one that is labeled Project and this one can not be closed. The only way out is to force quit.

    What did she do and how do I fix it? I re-installed Word 2011 with no improvement.

    Nick Johnson

  5. Ann Geise says:

    Just got Office MAC 2011 and every time I open an Excel spreadsheet the bottom of the sheet is off the screen. The only way I have found to get to it to resize the sheet is to change the display preference to 800×600 and after getting to the right hand bottom corner to resize the sheet I can revert back to the normal display preference. Is there some way to fix this so it will open so I can see the bottom of the spreadsheet?

  6. Paul Billaud says:

    I want to update Office 2008 from 12.3.1 to 12.3.2 but I get this massage: cannot be installed on this disc. The requested version for this update could not be found in this volume.
    What can be done?

  7. J says:

    I have been working with a workbook all year on a PC and Mac with no problems. Now I suddenly have over 10,000 rows and can’t find the tabs in the workbook/ what do I do?

  8. Richard says:

    What exactly was Microsoft Office X purchased through HUP? It is only a year old and incompatible with Lion. What gives?

  9. anthony says:

    I’ve been searching for support of a known issue with word for mac and had no luck.

    It relates to the copy and pasting of text and images from the web to a word doc, it hangs or crashes [no spinning wheel, just hangs like the program is dead]

    Its extremely frustrating as sometimes its minutes until the program becomes responsive again.

    i have removed duplicates fonts, have latest updates etc… and still it hangs. Ive tried the microsoft forums and again no luck.

    copy and paste is a simple task that really should cause massive hangs…

  10. shirley Mitchell says:

    Im trying to print a document but the print button and most every button are in fade mode and I cant figure out how to get out of it so I can print
    I have a macbook 10.6.8 with word on it

  11. Pat says:

    I want to print my spreadsheet all the way to the right edge. It stops almost 2 inches from the edge. I’ve set margins, did shrink, fit to one side, and they all come out with a right margin of two inches???

  12. David Shomper says:

    I’m running Office 2008 with Mac 10.6. Will Office 2008 still work if I upgrade to OS 10.7?

  13. Floris HJ says:

    I have a powerpoint file that contains custom UI XML which creates a new tab in the ribbon. When I open this file on the mac, the ribbon doesn’t appear. Really annoying, but let’s say I can cope with that. However, if I edit the file on the mac and save, then open it on the Windows machine, the ribbon no longer appears. This, I can’t cope with. Further, it seems that once the file has been saved on the Mac, it’s impossible to add custom UI (at least using the Custom UI editor) – it seems that some flag was set that makes this impossible.

    Trying to work around this by making a custom toolbar seemed like the only solution; but again things I did on the PC didn’t “translate”. Where I can make a commandbutton with .style = msoButtonWrapCaption, the mac doesn’t recognize that property. When I try to put a picture on the icon, using the .picture property again causes problems.
    Event processing doesn’t seem to exist at all – so forget creating an add-in for “doing stuff before the file gets saved” etc.
    Another example: on the PC I can give the user a “save as” dialog with a command like this:
    Set fd = Application.FileDialog(msoFileDialogSaveAs)
    Well, on the Mac the “msoFileDialogSaveAs” constant doesn’t exist.

    Creating a userform with a picture on the buttons, then opening the form on the Mac, I find the pictures are gone. Apparently I didn’t use “the right file format” for my pictures (heavens forbid I use something efficient like .gif or .png; I have only been able to get this to work by using 24 bit .bmp, which added a LOT of bloat to my file in a hurry)

    Talking of user forms: the user form which is reasonably sized on the PC is tiny on the Mac – I’m guessing there’s a different number of dpi. But somehow, this means that a label in 8 point font, which is quite legible on the PC, becomes a tangled illegible mess on the Mac. I have to “zoom” each userform when I open it on the Mac, and set the .width and .height to some larger number, in order for things to look right.

    I could go on and on and on….

    While I appreciate the attempt to bring back VBA in Office 2011, the implementation is really incomplete and buggy. Is this going to get better, or is there some subliminal message here about “Mac people shouldn’t want to customize things”?…

    Is there something I can do to maintain compatibility of files between the platforms? As it is my code is getting littered with #if Mac … #else statements, but that hardly makes for efficient code.

    I would really appreciate some response, and an idea of whether things will ever improve from here?


  14. Eric says:

    I’m writing my master’s thesis using APA. I work with Word for MAC 2008 and using Styles for my format. The problem is APA states that heading 3 and 4 be a paragraph heading like so:
    Title. This section covers this and so on…

    I’m able to mark the title as heading 3 or 4 but it won’t show in my TOC. I assume it’s because the rest of the line is in normal style. Is there a solution to this?

  15. George says:

    how can I convert outlook 2011 email folder all to pdf? Thanks

  16. David Bertenthal says:

    I can not print to my Canon printer from Word, Excel or Texteditor. Blank pages come out.

  17. Rohit Tank says:


    Can somebody can help me with short key for iMac 2011 Excel.


  18. Liz says:

    I’ve just downloaded a microsoft upgrade on my MacBook Air Mac OS 10.7.2 and I now have this error message.

    To open Outlook,first delete the daemon from the Start up Items, and then restart the computer. For more information, see Mac OS help.

    What does this mean?