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It’s here – get your copy of Office 2011 Today!

Today you can officially get your copy of Office for Mac 2011! I couldn’t be more proud of the Office for Mac team and of the product we’ve created. Office 2011 continues our team’s mission to connect Mac users to their counterparts who use Windows. Office enables users across platforms to work anywhere, anytime – to build their ideas into reality. Office 2011 includes Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Messenger and now for the first time in the suite, Outlook for Mac.

As with its predecessors – a big emphasis in developing Office 2011 was listening to and incorporating your feedback. More than anything, you told us that performance is a top priority; you need to be able to open your applications and get things done with speed and ease. The team rose to that challenge, and my favorite thing about Office 2011 is just how zippy it is. Whether you are using Office 2011 at work, at school or at home – you’ll notice the improved launch speeds and other performance enhancements as you accomplish your tasks.

There is a lot of greatness to Office 2011 and we hope that you will soon get to experience it for yourself, but I wanted to share a few of the highlights:

Access Your Office Anywhere: Office 2011 has new built-in integration to existing Microsoft cloud-based applications – the free Windows Live SkyDrive, Microsoft SharePoint, and Microsoft Office Web Apps – giving users more flexibility and control to work when and where they want.  Office Web Apps lets users work in any browser from any location with internet connectivity while making sure your document stays the way it was created whether it’s viewed on a PC or Mac.

Teamwork at the Office or Across the World: Users now have the tools they need to work with others on documents without the worry of their changes getting lost after multiple rounds of updates. The new co-authoring tools let users edit the same Word document or PowerPoint presentation simultaneously with other people in different locations who are using Office on a PC or a Mac. Also, new to Office 2011 (and in Office 2010) users can quickly share their presentations with anyone who has browser access by broadcasting their presentation.

A Professional Touch: The suite also provides new and improved tools that make it easier than ever to create a professional-looking document. With new photo editing tools throughout the suite there’s no need to leave the Office applications to create visuals that impress. And with our new Dynamic Reorder tool it provides an instant 3-D view of all layers on the active PowerPoint slide or Word Publishing Layout view page to allow users to simply drag photos, graphics, or text to rearrange the content. And you’ll especially appreciate the performance of Office 2011 when using these professional tools- even the most powerful features in Office feel light and snappy.

So with that I would like to thank everyone for their support and if you are looking to get your hands on a copy, Office 2011 is which is available today at Apple,, Best Buy and as well as We can’t wait to hear your thoughts on the new Office for Mac 2011!

-Eric Wilfrid
General Manager, Office for Mac

October 26th, 2010
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  1. Stuke says:

    @Mac Mojo Team
    Will there be any further comment from Microsoft on the loss of Outlook (Entourage replacement) for us H&S 2011 customers, or the fact that to get Outlook costs $279.99 for us? It would be nice if you just explained to us why we lost ALL email/calendaring/contact application support in our Mac Office 2011 suite. Thank you.

  2. awda says:

    thanks for soft ware

  3. Dave N says:

    Anyone else noticed the bug in Outlook when you have conversations turned on? Emails with no subject all get lumped in to the same conversation! I took a screenshot, see here:

    Also, why can’t you change the ribbon appearance in Outlook like you can in Word? Inconsistent.

  4. Mac Mojo Team says:

    @Lester Dronick You’ll see that when you install the new suite it will prompt you for your product ID at each point of installation.

  5. Mac Mojo Team says:

    @Steve Sorry to hear you’re having issues and can’t log in to the forum, we’re working to address that now. We will contact a support specialist and get back to you. Thanks for your patience.

  6. Eric says:

    Just curious, lots of great questions about things like trials and upgrades yet no answers – where to these comments go? Does anyone at MSFT care? just askin’

  7. Tony says:

    One of the biggest frustrations I’ve had with Office for Mac has been the lack of Pivotchart support (like in the Windows version). It wasn’t in Office 2004, 2008 and it appears not to be in 2011 either — even though Office 2011 is meant to bring Mac functionality more in line with that of Windows…

    Why aren’t there Pivotcharts?

  8. Alex says:

    I will not buy it until MS Office for MAC supports RTL languages.

  9. Logan says:

    I never got my confirmation e-mail, and it’s not in my spam box. I contacted MS, but never got an answer! What should I do? Any help around here!?!

  10. Tiago do Vale says:

    Office 2011 for mac looks great.
    Huge potencial and the best Office for mac ever. No doubt.

    But the execution is so poor… Crashy, buggy, slow, with UI inconsistencies….

    Messenger for Mac is just awful, hardly works for 10 minutes, bloated, busy, but without the features one would expect from a Messenger client.

    And that folder on my Documents folder?
    That’s offensive, an insult, stupid.

    What a shame.

  11. Tiago do Vale says:

    …and why doesn’t messenger look at all like the screenshots you have on its page?

  12. Björn Sveinbjörnsson says:


    Is there a SDK for developers that want to develop Word Add-Ins for Mac Office Word 2011?

    VBA and AppleScript are not an option. This is for developing support for people with handicap (Special needs).
    I understand that the COM interfaces are not exposed on the Mac but is there something similar?

    A SDK would be nice.

    Björn Sveinbjörnsson

  13. Doug M says:

    I have video playback issues with PPT 2011 (and 2008) when using the Presenter Tools – many dropped frames. I can’t use it like this, and would like to know if there is some way that I could help in getting this problem resolved.

    Any ideas?


  14. Mac Mojo Team says:

    @Steve Hume I am sorry to hear about your experience with PowerPoint and Mactopia. Have you tried accessing the Mactopia forum using a different browser? You may post your question on the #OFM2011 forum or we may post your question on your behalf If you would like to provide feedback regarding an issue with PowerPoint, we may forward that on your behalf as well. If so, please provide details regarding the issue.

  15. Luke says:

    If you go to the FAQ section of the Office for Mac 2011 page (, there is a tab labeled “trial coming soon”. Do you think it will be out in days?

  16. Timothy says:


    I imported a .pst file from my PC (Windows 7, Outlook 2007) using “import” in Outlook Office:Mac 2011 on my new MacBook pro I purchased Sept 29, 2010.

    I can see attachments from emails that originated from PCs but not from Apple Entrourage 2004….. Arrrrrggghhhhhh!!


    I called tech support for Outlook Office:Mac 2011 no has any answers.

  17. Mark Gilbert says:

    Do not rush out to buy it. It is missing so many easy essentials that were in MAC, and adds nothing that you could not do in ENTOURAGE. (Aside from syncing etc. If you are using emails, contacts and calenders without needing the power of OUTLOOK (sharing etc) do not upgrade. I am really disappointed, but to late to go back.

  18. Mac Mojo Team says:

    @Doug M We are looking into your issue and will get back to you when we have more information. Sorry for your troubles.

  19. Mac Mojo Team says:

    @Timothy Sorry you’re having issues. We are looking into this issue and will follow up with you soon. Thanks for your patience.

  20. JM says:

    Word 14.01 (2011) fails to maximize the program window correctly.

    If you have a small screen maximizing a window can give you more usable space. Therefore, having the ability to fully maximize a window improves usability.

    My clients and I are just asking that Word maximize correctly just like Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook.

    This problem carries over from 2008. In 2008 Word, Excel, PowerPoint had this problem. Now in 2011 Word continues to have this almost three year old problem and you cannot get Word to remember the Maximized window position. Word 2011 still leaves a small gap of about 1mm on the left side of the Word window and about a 1mm gap between the top of the Word window and the OS X menu

    Microsoft has known about this problem for at least a year. My clients and I have been reporting this problem in Word for over a year now. I purchased Office 2011 because an MS employee mentioned in Ars Technica that he thought this problem had been resolved. He was correct, the problem has been resolved in Excel and PowerPoint but not Word. I would like this problem and others fixed in the worst way. I am tired of having to move the Word window up and to the left and then expand the window to the right and downward each time I fire up Word just to have a maximized screen.

    My clients and I are not the only ones who care about this issue:

    Christian, also posted the following on Mactopia:

    “I was a bit of annoyed when I realized that the Position of a new Word document still has a small gap to the left screen edge and to the top OSX menu as well – same as in Word 2008! Come on – this bug is fixed in Excel 2011 and Powerpoint 2011 – why not Word as well?”


    “I know that always bugged me! Since I have a 13inch screen I always wanted to get it fully maximized on start up!”

    Ars Technica:

    “When I open a window, its default position is separated from the toolbars by a few pixels. If I click the green Zoom button, the right edge of the windows goes _almost_ to the right edge of the screen, but not quite. It’s as if someone at Microsoft is deliberately flouting Fitt’s Law:

    In this position, “missing” a toolbar click or title bar drag by a few pixels can end of bringing a different application to the fore. Ditto missing the right scrollbar. I can’t imagine a use case where a user would want to click into the tiny little crevice between a document and its toolbar to bring out the window hiding behind it. I also can’t imagine a use case where the user mouses all the way over to the right side of the screen with the intention of _just_ missing the scrollbar. But I have experience many real-world cases where such behavior annoys this particular use immensely.”

    (Note: For clarity purposes I substituted window for workbook)

  21. Richard L. Errington says:

    Ditto on the upgrade issue. For a product this expensive, one expects an upgrade option. WAY TOO MUCH MONEY for Outlook. The only real reason for me to upgrade is Outlook, to maintain access to my legacy Windows Outlook files.

    Let me know when you will deign to treat Mac Users fairly.



  22. LeAnn says:

    Installed Outlook for Mac 2011 … can’t send a new message. Dialog box prompts me to rebuild the database every time. Come on, really?

  23. R. Mansfield says:

    For those (like me) who are stuck with receiving Exchange 2003 email until our workplace upgrades, I found a solution that works with Outlook 2003.

    It’s called DavMail. I saw it in a link on the Apple Support forums. All of the instructions were for Apple’s, but I decided to apply everything to Outlook 2011, and by golly, it works!

    I did not try contacts or calendar instructions since I only needed email, but I am able to both receive and send my work email from Outlook 2011 now. Before, all I could do was to receive it and send via another email account or go to the online web access site.

    I have no connection with this company, but I’m very impressed. If you’re interested go to

  24. Jade says:

    Problem Description: I am trying to work more efficiently and by trying to avoid clicking “smooth start and smooth end” in effect options.

    What I mean is when I had Microsoft office 2008 Home and student for Mac, whenever I added a animation effect to a object (to be specific, the “fly in” effect) it would by default – make the object have a smooth start and smooth end. However, ever since upgrading to Microsoft Office 2011 Home and business – when I add a “Fly in” effect to a object, it does NOT have a smooth start and smooth end.

    I compensate by highlighting the object in the “Animation reorder” window, clicking on the drop-down bar “Effect options” and enable the smooth start and smooth end.

    However, I used to use a lot of the “Fly in” effect, and Have become quite a fan of how good it looks to have the smooth start and smooth end in my presentations.

    It takes a painstakingly long time to get the animations the way i want them VS. the 2008 Office version due to this.

    Could you please add a option, perhaps to make smooth start and end default?

  25. R. Mansfield says:

    Above, I meant “a solution that works without Outlook -2011-.”

  26. R. Mansfield says:

    Wow, it’s my day for typos. The correct address for DavMail is

    If a moderator want to simply fix my first message and delete these last two, that’s fine.

  27. eComStation says:

    Have I done something very bad for my comment of the 28th October to still be pending moderation?!


  28. Mac Mojo Team says:

    @Sergi Sorry you’re having problems with Outlook. The team is working on solving, but in the meantime please check out our forum or submit your crash log:

  29. Jared says:

    I bought Office for Mac 2008 Student and Home Edition in the middle of September specifically because of Outlook as an upgrade. Nowhere did it ever say this was not an upgrade; on the contrary, a rep even mentioned that it would be. Do I seriously have to BUY this again? Is there NOT an automatic upgrade like I was told before?

  30. jenn says:

    I bought Office:Mac 2011 last week and I’ve had nothing but problems. It is continually crashing my whole system. I’m not happy and even lesser impressed :-(

  31. George says:

    I am wondering, if Addin SDK will ever be available for outer developers, and if yes, on which conditions? (Word 2011)
    Thanks, George

  32. Michael Brussow says:

    ron says:
    October 27, 2010 at 6:55 am
    Microsoft Office 2011 is ‘available’?? Really???!!!!!

    I bought 2008 and am eligible for the 2011 upgrade. I goto the web site provided http;// and IT WON”T ACCEPT MY 2008 product keys. It says:
    “Product key entered has previously been used…”

    Of course it has previously been used!!! It is my Office 2008 PKey! What was I supposed to do “Buy 2008 and then NOT use it?!” Who is the tiny brained micro engineer that came up with that one?

    This is AFTER I completed the “REGISTERED MY OFFICE FOR mAC 2011″ process and got a Customer Number that proves I registered it.


  33. Mac Mojo Team says:

    @jenn Sorry to hear you’re having issues with our new suite. The Office for Mac team is aware of some issues and working to iron them out. In the meantime please submit your crash report to our forum to make sure we receive it. Thanks for your patience.

  34. Tom Gewecke says:

    My Oct 28 question regarding input support for Devanagari, Gujarati, Gurmukhi, Tamil, Thai, or Tibetan was never answered here. But in the Office Help I found a list of supported keyboards, which seems to indicate the Tamil can be done. I need to do some tests, because that was claimed for Office 2008 as well, but turned out to be incorrect.

  35. Richard Widman says:

    Recognizing that Office 2008 was a waste of money, no macros and incompatible with Windows versions (2010 dates are opened as 2014), I got 2011. While I’m impressed with some of the features, there are many issues with crashing, printing, and some features (ie: remove objects) that were left off. But worse, the support website is full of dead links. It refuses to send validation emails for the forum, leaving one to guess and look for workarounds. for $200 I expected at least a working forum.

    Much of the help information is still oriented to 2008 that should have been buried long ago with the program.

  36. Will says:

    What version will be available via the Home Use Program in January of 2011, the Home & Student, or the Home & Business. The world is desperately in need of Outlook on the Mac, given Outlook and iCal’s collective inability to interface in terms of meeting requests, and Entourage’s limited capability.

  37. Lisa says:

    Love the new Word and Excel. Outlook was highly disappointing.

    1. Upgrade from Entourage crashed.

    2. Recover from Entourage crash, crashed.

    3. Cleared profile/user & started over only importing messages.

    4. Import seemed ok but was then flakey. sorts weren’t always working etc.

    5. My officemate imported ok, but after import the mail window vanished. She ould never get it back.

    And so on… finally we just abanded the idea of upgrading.

    Starting fresh, no import, things seemed ok, but the ribbon and toolbar combo is super awkward. Why can’t I move/delete items on the ribbon. Why is delete right next to reply. Why are the icons so big, etcetera. Overall it feels like a beta… but then again Entourage feels a little long in the tooth, so overall Outlook is a big disappointment.

  38. Angela says:

    I have been able to upgrade from 2008 to 2011, but when I try to purchase a backup disc, I can’t get through the payment process. It gets stuck and can’t find the server to finish the submission.

  39. Adam Wells says:


    In Excel 11.

    If for instance I have one excel worksheet open (doc a) and want to print that to a PDF, I choose

    I name it and save it

    Then if I want to change the SAME excel sheet with new figures and save that to PDF as well (doc b)… I edit the Excel doc to reflect the changes I want then:

    I name it and save it as before

    When I compare both PDFs. Both PDFs have the same Excel figures as the LAST edit. ie both are doc b.

    This is really annoying.

  40. Jon says:

    Why Why Why Why did you leave Outlook Today out of Outlook for Mac. That is my favorite thing microsoft has done. How hard could it be to include that. How hard? Why not give us the option. Please add it.

  41. Imad Kato says:

    Does anyone know if Office 2011 for Mac supports multi-language editing (English & Arabic)? I don’t care about spell checking, I just want to be able to create and edit a document in both languages. I know I can do that in Office for Windows but could not do it in Office for Mac. If it is supported, how do you switch between languages in Mac (Alt+Shift in Office Windows).


  42. Office for Mac Team says:

    @Adam Wells Thanks for giving us a heads up and sorry you’re having that problem. Please submit your issue to our forum and let us know if you still can’t find a solution:

  43. Office for Mac Team says:

    @Jon Outlook for Mac 2011 has a similar feature called My Day. Find out more about My Day here:

  44. Office for Mac Team says:

    @Imad Kato Unfortunately, Arabic and other right-to-left languages, are not supported in Office for Mac 2011 due to technology limitations on the text input tools. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  45. Mark Gibson says:

    Since I started using my Mac in what 1988, I enjoyed the fact that I could call things what I wanted.

    So if I put a date in a filename I could use 22/12 (to quote today). Office up to and including Office 2008 supported this.

    Now with 2011 I get an error saying that because the filename includes some “illegal character” (namely a | \ ” or /) Word 2011 refuses to open it.

    So to use Office 2011, I’m forced to adopt the restrictive Windows Centric naming conventions (i.e. I have to manually rename almost every document on my machine) to even open a document.

    Please tell me why I shouldn’t either:

    1. Stay at Office 2008.

    2. Move to Open Office

    3. Move to Pages / Numbers

    Nor do my clients, each of whom have 100+ seat locations.

    And then the added “feature” that while VBA is supposedly back, items written for 2004 don’t run in 2011. :(

  46. Office for Mac Team says:

    @Mark Gibson Take a look at some of these threads on our forum and let us know if it helps answer your question:

  47. Malcolm Peskoff says:

    Microsoft set up a website for Office 2011 Suite, and Office 2008 for Macintosh. There are severe problems for some Mac computers.
    One is fonts. If some fonts are corrupted Word will not run.
    If it still will not run, then restart your computer in the safety mode.

  48. Richard Keleher says:

    I am using Office 2011 for the Mac. I have changes in my document that are highlighted. I want to get rid of the Tracked Changes. I can select View, Without Markup, but the changes still show up when I open the document the next time. What I really want to do is Accept All Changes. But the button for accepting changes in the Changes section of the Review tab is dimmed. And then I want to have it stop tracking changes in this document, but the Track Changes While Editing button is checked, but dimmed, so I can’t uncheck it in the Highlight Changes section of the Track Changes part under the Tools menu. HELP!