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Join us Tuesday for a 15-Minute Webinar on Office for Mac 2011

The Office Content Publishing team hosts free 15 minute Webinars every Tuesday. This week the session showcases how Mac and PC work better together with Office for Mac 2011 and SkyDrive.

The session starts at 9:15 am Pacific Time with a Q&A to follow. Click the link below or go to for more information on how to join the series.

Join online meeting

There are two ways you can join: Use the free Lync Attendee download to get full video and sound, or use your web browser, and call in to get audio: 888.320.3585, Conference ID: 84172528.

A video of the webinar will be posted after the session.

What you will learn at Tuesday’s webinar:

  • Outlook now on the Mac
  • SkyDrive for the Mac
  • What about the Ribbon?
  • How a Mac and a PC work better

References for this webinar:

See more about our weekly webinar series at:

Radhika Shetty

May 21st, 2012
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  1. Tedd Speck says:

    PPT for Mac and PC don’t work well together. Charts created in PPT for PC (2010) are not editable in PPT for Mac (2011). Tech support offers an inconvenient work around, but the don’t actually work together well.

  2. eddie hernandez says:

    very good