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Lync for Mac 2011 Released to Manufacturing

When we first announced Lync Server 2010 last November, we talked about our commitment to supporting multiple platforms and how over the course of 2011 you would see Lync become available for other platforms. I’m excited to share with you today that Lync for Mac 2011 has been Released to Manufacturing, commonly referred to as RTM.

Starting in October, our Mac customers will be able to experience the integrated communications experience that Lync has become well known for. From the updated contact cards to the ability to set up Lync conferences from Outlook 2011 for Mac to enterprise voice features, Lync for Mac 2011 offers Mac users integrated functionality for presence, instant messaging, conferencing and voice and is designed to work with both Lync Server 2010 and Lync Online.


Video: Lync for Mac – Quick Tour

Lync for Mac 2011 is available to customers as a part of the Office for Mac 2011 Volume Licensing SKU or through many of Microsoft’s Licensing programs. Customers can also purchase the application as a standalone volume licensing SKU.

For more information on Lync for Mac 2011, please visit the Office:mac site.

Kirk Gregersen

September 8th, 2011
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  1. Jose Betancur says:

    It’s going to be available as an update?

  2. Markus says:

    Any news on Messenger 9 and/or the lion-updates for Office?

  3. William Smith says:

    There is no such product as “Office for Mac Standard 2011″. Do you mean “Home & Business” edition?

  4. Ken says:

    Don’t see E911 listed as a feature… if not present despite all the great features the usefulness of this release (and maybe thus the server product as well) are greatly diminished for any sort of large corporate or university campus environment in the United States.

  5. Ken says:

    E911 is fully supported in Lync 2010.
    E911 ServicesDescriptionRichHTML2
    Based on the client’s network location, Lync provides an integrated Location Information Server (LIS) that delivers specific position information.

    E911 Service Providers deliver routing of emergency calls from Lync to the correct dispatch center responsible for deploying emergency responders for the given location.

    The following partners provide E911 call routing services for Lync customers in North America.

  6. Marc says:

    @WIlliam, Office for Mac Standard 2011 is available under volume licenses agreement like Open License Agreement, Enterprise Agreement or Select. More info here:

    @Ken, E911 is a feature of Lync Server. more info here

  7. Office for Mac Team says:

    @ Jose: This is a new product release. If customers have purchased Software Assurance and own rights to Communicator for Mac 2011 or Office for Mac Standard 2011 (the VL SKU), then they will get it as an update. Otherwise, customers will need to purchase the new product.

  8. Tony says:

    Is there anything in this release about tethering? Not sure why the ‘better together’ option currently does not work with Mac. Would love to have an integrated experience for my Mac users and my CX300 and CX600 handsets.

  9. Chris says:

    Will there be an Attendee version for Mac?

  10. Andy says:

    Will there be support for RTV video for Polycom end point integration? We love this particular feature for Lync on Windows, but Mac users haven’t been able to take advantage of it.

  11. Joe says:

    Good question on the attendee version. I’m also wondering about Lync Online.

    Right now for Lync Online, I see that they can only access meetings via the Web App, meaning there’s no way for a mac user to initiate meetings, screen share, or use computer based audio/video. Do I have that right, and is this changing?

  12. Ken says:

    @marc Yes, Lync Server has E911 but it is highly dependent on the client for location services functionality. As you can see from the Technet client comparison page, the current Communicator for Mac 2011 client does not support emergency services. Communicator for PC has no location services, only Lync 2010 for windows. Neither E911 nor location services are mentioned on the Lync:mac pages, and no screenshot or video mentions or contains any location text like the PC client. Given that it would be a feature many Mac-containing large deployments are waiting for, and they would be sure to mention it, I’d guess that the glaring omission of any mentions means it doesn’t have it. I’d be glad to be proven wrong by someone official or who has actually used the Lync:mac client!

  13. Scott says:

    So it’s not available yet correct? I downloaded Office 2011 for Mac Standard from our Volume License site but still no Lync included…

  14. Didier says:

    Hello, I am in search of the tool Lync for Mac OSX. We possess accounts on service OFFICE 365, and I wish to test Lync for Mac.
    Is it possible to get back the last version and to test it?
    Thank you for your answers.
    Best regards

  15. Jon says:

    Will there be an Attendee version for Mac?

  16. Radhika_MSFT says:

    @Tony: We didn’t test hardware solutions for Lync for Mac 2011 but are looking at it for a future version. There is a blog post with some additional information about partners’ devices that should work better than others.

    @Chris: We only have one Lync for Mac 2011 version which doesn’t include a separate attendee version.

  17. SM says:

    In the current Communicator for Mac version, if you are logged in, losing network connection will automatically log you out of Communicator. Once you regain network connection, Communicator does not automatically log you back in – you have to manually click sign in. Is this fixed in the new Lync for Mac 2011?

  18. Mehran says:

    Will Lync be available for the academic version of Office:mac 2011?

  19. Brad says:

    Will this be available to Office 365 customers as a standalone download without having to get a separate volume licensing agreement? Our Mac users have already purchased Office 2011 for Mac with Outlook (Home and Business). We only have 2 Mac users out of our 26 employees so we wouldn’t have enough demand to justify a volume licensing agreement for that

  20. Wes Kroesbergen says:

    When will Lync for Mac be available to Microsoft partners? Office 365 customers on E3?

  21. Steve says:

    Will this be released on MSDN? I didn’t see it listed there yet.

  22. Georg says:

    Yes – Lync Server is an enterprise product. But the client? I am working as an independent IT consultant and I am expected to bring my own hard and software to the client – and blend in. How am I going to get a license (and download) for this without having to buy five (the minimum for a volume deal)?

  23. Michael says:

    Will this also be released to Technet and when?

  24. Jason Bush says:

    I just started using this today. So far I’m seeing really login times off of the network and failed login while using vpn off network. I switched to Kerberos and the login still failed off network after granting myself a valid ticket. Once you are logged it seems to work fine.

  25. michael says:

    glad to hear this MAC version is finally coming out!! Does this mean we will see an iPhone and iPad version out soon??

  26. olaf s løken says:

    Just installed it. After the first login .. o wait there where no first login. It just crached :( and it just keeps on craching and crashing …

    I´m running 10.7.2 every ting else works at clockwork ( I´m a happy Office 2011 user ) just NOT Lync. What´s up ??

    • Christen says:

      Kinda hard to understand why Intel does not offer more non Microsoft prctdous. Everyone has to admit that Apple took off with cloud services and in the process, made a lot of developers rich. Click, review, download, pay and play! If Intel can make it that simple, they’ll have a huge hit. The overall service however is fairly convenient.

  27. Stephen Sandifer says:

    Can someone confirm the installation process? I have a customer who installed the enterprise VL edition: Office for Mac Standard 2011.
    He says that the full install did not install the Lync client. Is there an installation guide available? My first pass at searching came up emtpy.

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  29. Jennifer says:

    How will we be notified of the update?
    I am a Mac Office 2011 user…working within the MS365 Cloud Server platform…
    Pls advise?

  30. Bennie Strydom says:

    i have office installed on my Mac, but cant find Lync?? I did run all updates? where can i find Lync on my Mac?

  31. Tobias Carlander says:

    It is stupid of Microsoft to only release the client for Volume licenses. Why as you anyway have to pay for having the server client license do you also have to have VL for Mac . Please make it available for download. As it is for the iPhone……

  32. Ed-Son says:

    This volume licensing version doesn’t do half of us much good. Mac users need a compatible Lync Attendee to join existing conferences for FREE as a guest. We have no way now and the Web App doesn’t allow video or audio. Microsoft, hear us out!