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Master Office for Mac 2011 with New Training Courses from!

With the constant changing of technology, it has become so important for us to provide access to the best resources to help keep your skills current as technology evolves.  Having the right computer skills can be the answer to getting that new job/ promotion or bringing your ideas to life!      

At we’re very excited about the release of Office for Mac 2011, particularly about the new Outlook for Mac and enhanced tools for working and collaborating across platforms. We’re also very proud to say that within a week of launch, we released comprehensive training — more than 20 hours worth — on the suite’s four main apps by four Office experts. These authors all share a passion for teaching and for these applications, and these four courses offer a wealth of in-depth information for anyone interested in Office 2011, whether brand new to Office for Mac, upgrading from Office for Mac 2008, or migrating from a Windows version of Office:

In Excel for Mac 2011 Essential Training, Curt Frye covers the ins and outs of Excel for the Mac, including detailed tutorials on managing data, formatting, and Excel formulas and functions. He also demonstrates new features like Sparklines for easy data visualization, enhanced Pivot Table reports, and the ability to automate workbooks with macros.

In Outlook for Mac 2011 Essential Training, Alicia Katz Pollock offers complete coverage of the long-awaited Entourage replacement, including migrating from other email applications, setting up IMAP, POP, and Exchange accounts, syncing Address Book contacts, and taking advantage of organizational features like Conversation View and My Day.

In PowerPoint for Mac 2011 Essential Training, David Rivers gives in-depth tutorials on making visually compelling presentations, from using built-in and custom themes and formatting text to adding charts and SmartArt drawings to incorporating animation. The course covers new features like the new Ribbon interface, photo editing within PowerPoint, and the ability to broadcast presentations over the web.

And in Word for Mac 2011 Essential Training, Maria Langer shows how to create documents from start to finish — how to build outlines, format text and pages, work with headers and footers, use themes and styles, add multimedia, and more. She also shows how to customize and automate Word 2011, including how to record macros.

You can sample tutorials from these courses at Members of the Online Training Library have full access to the videos in these courses, as well as more than 53,000 video tutorials on tools and skills for business, web and graphic design, photography, video, and more.

We hope you’ll enjoy learning more about Office for Mac 2011 and let us know what you think.

Bonnie Bills, content manager,

December 7th, 2010
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  1. Keith Godfrey says:

    MS Office:mac 2011

    Installed the MS Office:mac 2011 supplied by Apple with my new (6Dec2010) iMac, but cannot access. I keep getting the same response: “Your copy of Office for Mac is now activated” whether trying Word or the other Office applications, and can get no further.

    I’m back to using my old Office: Mac 2004 and downloading its latest updates and it works OK.

    What am I not doing?

  2. Enterprise Mac User says:

    Why can’t the Mac division use the MOS/MOUS training/certs? This is yet another anti Microsoft tacit along with the company. Why ask for a spinoff?

  3. Guam user says:

    I am trying to purchase a product key. I live on Guam and Guam is not in the selection box for address. Please include Guam on There so I can purchase the Microsoft Office Student edition ASAP.
    thank you

  4. Office for Mac Team says:

    @Guam We are looking into this and will follow up in the coming days. Thanks for your patience.

  5. MW says:

    I don’t want a course, I want a library of quick tips. QUICKLY how do I do something. Your app appears powerful, but not intuitive. People pay and are resentful because they don’t have the time to fully employ the power of the app. I keep going back to numbers. I can’t afford the time for a course. I want to do it, simply do it. Put the user in user friendly. The visuals only pop if you use them. Pragmatism. Give us the tips to make it work. Don’t start with this is a cell, start with How to do what we did!

    Understand. Simple, Accessible, and something I can’t do in Numbers. I looking but I can’t see it – Make it intuitive please!!!!!

  6. KJT says:

    Office 2011 for Macs Student edition doe NOT contain Outlook email client. Why did they get rid of Entourage??

    I must have missed how I can take these training courses.

    Also, any FAQ webpages for the programs in Office for Macs 2011 where one can go and look up a specific question/problem/trick???

  7. Rod Kidman says:

    i have installed this program and every time i restart my laptop and open office for Mac i have to import my information.
    It does not keep anything I do.
    I have NO emails for file folders from this past week.
    it does NOT save anything.

  8. Simon says:

    Could someone please tell me what to do if I want to save email messages to a folder on my desktop. The “save as” option, which one would normally use for that, is greyed out in Outlook 2011. Is there another way of doing this??

    Also, I imported a bunch of contacts into Outlook 2011 from Entourage ’08. Many of my contacts had notes associated with them. These notes originally consisted of separate paragraphs when they were in Entourage, but when I imported them into Outlook, they all became one big block of text, with no separation. I have tried to re-format them back into paragraphs, but Outlook will not accept the changes when I click “save and close” on the contacts’ tab. What’s going on? Can someone please help? Thanks.

  9. Office for Mac Team says:

    @Simon Try to CTRL+click the messages to save them to the desktop. Does that work? As far as your question about the contacts’ notes, it looks like another user had a similar issue and one of our MVPs on our forum had some ideas on how to fix it, so take a look at this thread: Let us know if that helps!