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Office for Mac 2011 Behind the Scenes: Sparklines, PivotTables & Photo Editing!

Today we’re excited to show you the second video in the behind-the-scenes series – including new compatibility features and new tools like Excel Sparklines and Photo Editing tools. Check out our own Kurt Schmucker demoing the features:

A little detail on the video highlights:

Visualize Your Data with Sparklines: Now in Excel 2011 you can create Sparklines for large amounts of data to get a quick visual summary of data using tiny charts that fit within a cell near its corresponding values. Use Sparklines to show trends in a series of values, such as the price of your home, or your monthly expenses. Sparklines debuted in Excel for Windows 2010, and due to our close working relationship with the team, we are also able to provide them in Excel 2011 – making it easy to share workbooks across platforms.

Photo Editing with Ease: Across the new Office for Mac suite, users now have the ability to do basic photo editing tasks in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint 2011. No need to leave the application you’re currently working in to do photo editing, even complex tasks like background removal or color correction. With new and improved picture editing tools and SmartArt graphics everyone can feel like a design pro.

Though not shown in this video, a bonus to accompany what was featured in the video, we wanted to share the enhancement of PivotTables, which summarize and analyze your lists. New improvements to PivotTable reports and Excel Tables, (formerly known as Lists), provide you with feature-rich tools to help you quickly display the relevant details and add sophistication to your results. New PivotTable report designs and layouts allow you to add totals, subtotals, or switch to a compact, outline, or tabular layout with less effort to make your PivotTable report more readable and presentable in a few simple clicks.

Stay tuned as we near the official release of Office for Mac 2011 in October and unveil more details on the suite – you can also follow us at Facebook and @OfficeforMac.

August 18th, 2010
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  1. Tzeitel says:


    One question I’ve been looking an answer to by surfing the web unsucessfully: does Excel 2011 for Mac have an option for building “Pivot Charts”?

    Pivot Table is one thing (and I know that it already exists in this Excel for Mac version), but Pivot Chart is another, and I can’t still believe is not included in this 2011 version for Apple. Can someone help me out with this? I’m needing this tool so bad and I’m a bit frustrated I haven’t seen any answer from the Office for Mac Team on Buster’s comment made on september 11, 2010 at 7:29 am…

    Building a chart from a Pivot Table on Excel 2011 for Mac is not what I understand as “intelligent” or “friendly”. It is really a very annoying thing to do when someone updates Pivot Table data and then the chart linked to it… Chart values and ranges always get messed up and one must to start all over again… :-(