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Office for Mac 2011 SP2 database upgrade workaround

The Office 2011 SP2 release improves database resiliency and detects inconsistencies that went unnoticed prior to this release; however some users have experienced issues related to corrupted databases after the latest updates. We have support and workarounds available for you in the following situations:

Before installing Office 2011 SP2, use the following article to rebuild your database in 14.1.4 to ensure that your database is in a good state for the upgrade to safely apply: Rebuild the Outlook for Mac 2011 database to resolve problems

If you’ve already installed Office 2011 SP2, and you receive the message ‘Please upgrade the Office database,’ please check out the following article for the workaround: Outlook 2011 start error: “Please upgrade the Office database”

We apologize to users who were affected by this issue. Users who successfully updated report very noticeable improvements including performance and a host of other fixes.

April 17th, 2012
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  1. Charlotte Deuel says:

    For some reason, I can’t find Outlook. I use Apple Mail so it hasn’t been a question. But shouldn’t this be part of MS Office 2011?

  2. Andrew says:

    This update is TERRIBLE. I did the update and now my text-only emails take 1-2 minutes to send and my emails with attachments fail altogether.

    I’ve rebuilt the database following the instructions, and the same result.

  3. Mike says:


  4. Anthony says:

    I lost all of my contacts from this update! Why did this happen and how can I recover them?

  5. Guy Verville says:

    Very annoying 1025 errors constantly appear since the SP2 upgrade (Invalid mailbox name). Everything is in order on the mail server side (checked by my provider). Any one else having the same problem?

  6. William Wagoner says:

    I cannot install this update because it does not recognize my OS version (10.7.3-Lion) and thinks I am using 10.5.8


  7. KC says:

    Has anyone else had problems with the cursor disappearing in Word with SP2?

  8. Steve Webster says:

    I had trouble with a message re the database and I now am not able to send email from outlook despite being able to recieve it. I get a message “Outlook cannot connect to the server. Verify that your computer is connected to the network.” Error code 3260.
    As stated, this is despite my receiving email!

  9. Matt says:

    Guess I got lucky – I did the update without any extra steps and so far as I can tell have had no issue.

  10. Benjamin B says:

    The update has cancelled support for Right to Left languages like Hebrew and Arabic amongst other issues. Any work around except back to 14.1.4 does not work

  11. Jaxon says:

    What’s up with the DB in Outlook/Entourage for OSX anyway?
    I can’t remember how many db “crashes” I’ve had over the years in various versions of Entourage and also Outlook on Mac., where I need to rebuild the “Identity” and DB.
    Can’t it handle large amounts of email? (I get about 100-150 mails per day)

    It has never, EVER, happened on Outlook for Windows.

  12. Tony Glassman says:

    Have had trouble trouble w/ Outlook 2011 before and after. Thought this was an upgrade from Eudora, Entourage..Not yet!
    So can you guys put a little effort into avoiding frequent crashes, no sig files, etc. and now the Mother of all email headaches, corrupting databases. Gmail looks pretty about now….But still hoping

  13. CH324 says:

    With the Office for Mac SP2 (14.2.0) update the Outbox no longer appears when sending messages. This is an issue! I cannot stop messages from going out if I have clicked “Send” in error and I cannot access emails stuck in the outbox, which happens fairly often ecause I am in countries with poor internet service.

    Please fix this issue as soon as possible!! Thank you.

  14. Wayne Davis says:

    I have downloaded and now Outlook won’t work and I have a permanent message on my screen to upgrade Outlook and when I try it just keeps coming back with the same frustrating message and I can’t delete it.
    If I could I would dump Outlook (and all the Office package) completely as I am so pissed off with what has happened on my beautiful iMac 27 inch computer.
    Fix this problem and fix it quick, cause I will never buy another Microsoft product again.
    I might add that I am responsible for the decision in my organisation as to what IT we purchase.

  15. G. Hicks says:

    My updates on my mac air were done automatic, so I have the latest updates which I noticed 1 or 2 weeks ago in an update. Since that time, I have had regular freezing with Mac Outlook 2011 saying to rebuild the database. After backing up everything, I did the rebuild, and what a disaster. I spent the better part of 12 hours cleaning up the mess it created. I understand how the rebuild works, and it needs a recreate my identity, and all seemed OK. The first time I opened the entire outlook emails were gone. So after locating them, I had to use time machine to go back. That works well with files, but not outlook. So instead, after I got them moved into outlook, there were almost 1000 in my inbox that were all mixed with new emails. Anyways, my system not even 1 day later is telling me I need to rebuild my identity again. What the heck is going on to have me deserve this?? Thanks for any help. If any comes.
    My system is 2011 Mac Air running safari version 5.1.5 .

  16. Alain Strebelle says:

    No problem to uprade my Outlook Office database. But I am now hit by further significant problems:

    - Outlook synchonization cycle appears much slower rather than faster (Mac 10.6.8, but server is older than Exchange 2010 SP1)

    - Frequent Outlook crashes or freezes (I never had one before SP2)

    - Unreliable copy of messages from the server to my Mac (I have setup an automatic rule which copies to my computer and then deletes from the server : copy failed on several occasions without any message, so I have to frequently check on the server Deleted Items, to find if I did not miss anything)

    I am therefore feeverishly waiting fo the next update, unless I loose my temper and fallback to previous release.

    But how to safely downgrade the database?

  17. Ian Bryceson says:

    Ever since installing Outlook 2011′s Service Pack 2 update, my computer (MacBook Processor 2.66 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, Memory 8GB 1067 MHz DDR 3, Mac OSX Lion 10.7.3) has been heating up excessively, the fan is very noisy, and other programmes perform slowly. The Activity Monitor indicates that Outlook is using 90 – 95 % of CPU capacity on average.

    I tried to follow the procedures suggested here (for after installing), but they have no effect.

    When is Microsoft expecting to be able to resolve this issue?

  18. Maarten says:

    I’ve found that since the 14.2.0 update it has become a problem to drag email messages to folders in the Navigation Pane. There seems to be some kind of rapid ‘refresh’ going on in the Navigation Pane that prevents the folder that the mouse is over, to become ‘selected’ so that the dragged email can be dropped in it.
    Often, only after a few tries it will succeed.
    It’s really bothersome and makes Outlook 2011 very hard to use now – at least if you want to store your email in folders.
    Working on OS 10.6.8.

  19. Ross Slater says:

    Has anyone else run into a bug since the update (MS Office for Mac, ver. 14.2.0, 120402) in MS Outlook?

    Using the Reply in email formerly generated this header info:
    From: Bob Smith
    Date: Monday, April 23, 2012 4:10 PM
    To: Ross Slater
    Subject: Question

    Now it skips the date and the header only shows three lines:
    From: Bob Smith
    To: Ross Slater
    Subject: Question

    Further it only occurs with Exchange accounts, but not POP accounts.



  20. Gil says:

    I have all of my rental properties on outlook and am having troubles as well. Any fix anytime soon? If not, I need to go elsewhere. I can’t afford to lose any of my info… contracts, reservation dates, contacts, Tasks… If no relief soon, please let me know as I can’t afford to wait around…

  21. DaVig says:

    Mine starting working fine, but I do have the error with Date no longer appearing on replies and forwards as mentioned by Ross. A most basic feature of email messed up. What a P.O.S.

  22. Stirling says:

    This is the worst upgrade I have seen from Microsoft! Apart from the issues above, now that I have fixed the database it is chewing up my bandwidth something cronic. I am now up to 100gb in uploads as it decided to download all of my old attachments from up to 10 years ago!

  23. KrissyLee says:

    The work arounds will not work for me.

    I was forced to do the upgrade or not open Outlook at all. I did the upgrade now I can only send email from outlook. I have to go to webmail to view incoming messages. Is there a fix for this??

  24. wesnichols says:

    I have Macbook Air. 14.2.0 Microsoft and Outlook. Exchange server for my company.

    I did the update.
    I removed the MUD profiles and deleted them.
    I did a fresh install and started to download all my content from the Exchange server (as i’ve done before).
    It started to TRIPLE emails in my DELETE folder (got to nearly 400,000 emails). i had to eliminate all Delete items via my OWA to my Exchange server. Then rebuilt again.
    Sometimes, when i am SENDING email (where exactly is the outbox? I see sending status at bottom but do like to look inside outbox sometimes as i travel a lot and work offline on planes), it is VERY SLOW to upload, then i see 3 or 4 COPIES in my DRAFTS folder. I checked the SENT FOLDER on the OWA access and see one went thru each, so i deleted the contents of the DRAFTS FOLDER. Why are these appearing in DRAFTS?

    I just got the request to do the 14.2.1 update to fix some of these messes, but i am reluctant to at this point.

    Diane, any ideas?


  25. Shaukat says:

    I upgraded my Microsot Office 2011 on 18th April on my mac and since then I CANNOT DRAG AND DROP my emails in the folders the message comes SYNC PENDING FOR THIS FOLDER

    Is there new settings or anything else i have to change

    I get so many emails and need to file them in respective folders and has now become extremly anoying

  26. James Watson says:

    Installed this update, in the hopes it would fix some DB issues cropping up — and it has now kindly wiped out all of the email data in all folders barring my inbox (I have a lot of folders). All I have left are email headers, with zero info, and it doesn’t sync/update at all. I realise now that i was supposed to duplicate my entire DB before upgrading, but this seems pretty extreme for an average user just installing an update… Is there any way to recover these emails?

  27. Pat Salter says:

    I unfortunately installed update before checking blogs. I use Outlook as my client for a Google Apps imap account. All emails prior to the update date in my GMAIL All Mail, Sent Mail folders show only the subject, to and from. This is also the case for all my folders. The actual email content is blank and cannot be downloaded or re-sync’d. It says “All folders are up to date” I now have to go to my web-based Google Apps mail account to see the content of these emails. The recent patch did not fix this problem. Any suggestions on how to fix this and retrieve my old email’s content??? I am in Outlook 14.2.1 and MAC OSX 10.6.8.

  28. Joel says:

    I noticed someone other than myself has lost 50% of my contacts…. One of the problems when Outlook synced with Mac Address book… The sync deleted the same contacts…. What do you do…. What is the solution…. Changed completely to Mac???

  29. Nicola Lodi-Fè says:

    I have updated automatically the pakage on MacBookPro 10.6.8. Since then I have lost all my contacts on my IPhone 4S. There is no way to sincronize contacts again.
    How can I solve this very big problem?

    • Ann says:

      I am trying to set up my POP email into ouooltk 2011 for mac. I have office 2011 for mac home/business. I have watched every video and put in everything as it should be. It works on my Toshiba laptop but will not work on my mac. Can you help please? And thank you

  30. Nicholas Schmidle says:

    I am experiencing the exact same problem at Pat Salter:

    Unable to view content of emails that have been foldered. (I use Outlook as Gmail client).

    Fixes here?

  31. pete says:

    did the update yesterday.. mbp is now freezing every few seconds and holding that state for 5-10s before recovering.. full freeze too, not just applications – no access to activity monitor/shell etc.

    really not impressed… only issue with my mac is the microsoft that runs on it..

  32. Liz says:

    I just updated my MacBook Air with an update from Microsoft and now
    I get this message

    To open Outlook, first delete the daemon from the start up items, and then restart the computer. For more information see Mac OS help.

    What do I do??? I have no idea what a daemon is? What’s happened…

  33. roberto gyemant says:

    what happened to pat salter is happening to me too. very frustrating, and more because i feel like no one at MS cares, no solution, for all of us using this software every day, its our problem. i will probably not be using outlook for much longer – have been for oh, 15 years or so. will not recommend it to anyone going forward either.

    “I unfortunately installed update before checking blogs. I use Outlook as my client for a Google Apps imap account. All emails prior to the update date in my GMAIL All Mail, Sent Mail folders show only the subject, to and from. This is also the case for all my folders. The actual email content is blank and cannot be downloaded or re-sync’d. It says “All folders are up to date” I now have to go to my web-based Google Apps mail account to see the content of these emails. The recent patch did not fix this problem. Any suggestions on how to fix this and retrieve my old email’s content??? I am in Outlook 14.2.1 and MAC OSX 10.6.8.”

  34. Rebecca says:

    Posted on I’ve been absent for a while, but now I reembmer why I used to love this site. Thanks , I will try and check back more frequently. How frequently you update your web site?

  35. Brendan says:

    SP2 has broken my ability to use Outlook for Mac. It is a terrible update. Shortly after the SP2 update, I started to get Outlook crashing after 2 – 3 minutes synching mail. With that crash, I ran through each and every step in a related KB article which took quite some time and ultimately I deleted my Outlook identity and re-created it and downloaded all my mail from the Exchange server again.

    That worked for about a month or month and a half and now I am back to Outlook crashing while synching mail. It is completely unusable as it is not reliable. Even with Outlook working for that month, under SP2 it was significantly slower than previous versions just downloading email from the exchange server in the first place. I’ve never experienced the “spinners” with Outlook downloading attachments still 5 minutes after the email initially arrived.

    Terrible update.