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Office for Mac now available for Office 365 Subscribers

We’re excited to announce that with the release of SP3 (build 14.3) earlier this month, Office for Mac can participate in Office 365 subscription offerings. Office 365 Home Premium and Office 365 University offerings are available now, while Office 365 Small Business Premium releases soon.

Subscription services are best suited for customers who use Office on multiple devices because it allows any combination of Mac/PC installs via 5 reusable licenses; however, even if you have only a single device there is lots of value including free version upgrades, Skype minutes and extra SkyDrive storage.

Please note that the minimum requirement for Office 365 subscriptions on the Mac is OS X 10.6; while perpetual Office for Mac 2011 remains OS X 10.5.8. This difference is due to some of the services functionality included with subscription offers.

I’m sure many are wondering when the next version of Office for Mac will be available now that Office on Windows has launched 2013; I’m sorry to say that we are not yet ready to make any announcement, but know we are working hard on the future of Office productivity for the Mac. Office for Mac 2011 remains the most current version available to Mac users.

For more information on Office subscription offerings please visit:

Let us know what you think about the new offerings and benefits! We’re always listening!

February 7th, 2013
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  1. john maxwell says:

    i have office for mac 2011 installed but only excel will open it has a problem with “identy” Any way i thought that getting office 365 for mac might overcome the problem, we have 5 staff who use either macs or window machines, can you please suggest a soution


    As I understand 365, it depends on constant internet access. Am I right? If so, will files be available back and forth to Office 2011 during lack of internet access?


    • Office for Mac Team says:

      Internet access is required to install and activate all the latest releases of Office suites and all Office 365 plans. Additionally, periodically the applications require an internet connection to verify an active subscription; if your subscription expires they enter Reduced Functionality Mode and editing features are turned off. If you are offline for several weeks you will receive a prompt asking you to connect to the internet for this check.

      That said, once applications are installed and assuming you’ve been connected recently to validate your subscription the applications function the same way they did traditionally when not connected to the internet. For example you can create and edit a document; saving it locally to your machine. If you were to use Outlook your changes will sync next time you are connected.

      I hope this helps answer your question.

      Sincerely, Office for Mac Product Management

  3. Dunc Fowletr says:

    I understand that you need an internet connection to download and install the program. And I think you are required to occasionally check in certainly to see if their are upgrades.
    I take several trips each year where I do not have access to the internet.
    So my questions are:
    1) Is all of the Office product downloaded and installed locally in your machine?
    2) Is there any requirement that you need to have internet access while using Office 365?
    3) How long can a user go without connecting to the internet to keep Office still running? (I assume it quits after your subscription expires)
    Thanks…. I like the 5 license provision!

  4. Sally Pemberton says:

    I do alot of work editing word documents/assignments online. Is there a way I can take the ime out of my ‘insert’ comment box – I really do not want it there! Please help! Have tried various ways but nothing works
    thank you

  5. Ilan Chabaz says:

    I am writing to ask about two serious problems with Office for Mac 2011. i am using a 2012 MacBookPro Retina with 16 Mb RAM and OS 10.8.2.
    1) Editing manuscripts with track changes on is highly unstable. Without exception, Word quits without saving whenever I edit documents. I have to save manually after every change I make. This is a major problem.
    2) Recently a window pops in the foreground that says 365 service has to shut down and would I like to send a report. No, because I have no reason to use 365 service and in addition a window popped up that asked me to register for the service and gave me no way to close the top level window without quitting Word.
    Any help with these two issues would be much appreciated.

  6. Michael K says:


    being able to install my one copy on two different operating systems is great! Thank you.

    Please make the next version of Outlook for Mac compatible with the email/calendar/contacts etc. via push. It works for Windows, but Mac is still lacking.

    Good job!

  7. Jeanette Hornung says:

    Office 365 keeps crashing. How do I uninstall it?

  8. Bill Debevc says:

    Glad to hear that Microsoft is making progress on the next version of Office for the Mac.

    I do however have some small wish items for the next version.

    1. Don’t do cursor animation like in Office 2013, I can type faster than the animation and its quite unproductive.

    2. Please add the calendar to the main view of Outlook. Having to go back and forth from the inbox to the calendar is no fun.

    3. I miss changing reply to reply all from entourage.

    4. Please allow me to change the default search to be an AND search not just a OR search in outlook.

    Keep up the great work, I look forward to moving to Office 365 this month for our company email.

  9. Alex Foerster says:

    Got the subscription and love it!
    Office works fine for me, but let me add a wish for next version:! would be fine in outlook!

  10. John Nash says:

    Upvote on adding OneNote.