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OneNote and Lync updates

A couple of exciting updates for OneNote and Lync are making their way to the App Store.

For all of the details, check out this post on the blog from Pat Fox, our senior director of marketing.

December 12th, 2011
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  1. Chris De Laet says:

    Now all we need is OneNote for Mac OS X !
    Any news on that??

    Thanks :-)

  2. ozaz says:

    In my opinion OneNote will not reach its full potential unless available on all popular platforms (much like Evernote).

    So +1 on Office for Mac

    The longer I have to wait, the more likely I am to switch to Evernote, and if that happens I will no longer need OneNote on my Windows PC.

    If you have OneNote for Mac in the works, I hope you release asap as an independent product rather than wait to bundle with the next iteration of Office for Mac.

  3. Bill says:

    I like OneNote so much better than EverNote. I sure hope you make a version for the Mac because I’d be first in line to buy it.

  4. kv says:

    agree with all – One note on mac is must now – please have it asap… if u have it for ipad then having it for mac is just a strategic decision you guys are waiting on and I am not sure what is stopping you all from porting one note to mac ?

  5. John Goettle says:

    Microsoft needs to enhance Office for Mac and put it on pair with the Windows version of Office. Applications that have been available in Microsoft Office for Windows for several versions are still not available for the Mac platform. Applications such as OneNote, Project, Publisher, Access, Visio, SharePoint Workspaces, and InfoPath have been available in Windows Office versions for some time now. I would greatly appreciate it if Microsoft brought all the features of Offfice for Windows to Office for Mac. Key applications of Microsoft Office, such as Excel, were available on the Mac prior to being available on Windows. Microsoft has neglected the platform that its Office software started on.

  6. rb says:

    Increasingly corporate environments are allowing, and even encouraging mixed computing platforms. This is because the interest is in putting the right tools in employee’s hands in order to increase their productivity. We’ve paid attention to what’s been accomplished by Autodesk, Salesforce and even Apple. They have put their energy into creating and delivering tools that enable creativity and productivity. The era of the single platform is gone. The future is giving people the tools that enable them to accomplish tasks. I’m adding my vote for adding Onenote and the complete MS Office suite to the Mac platform.