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Outlook for Mac and Your Calendars

Following our earlier blog post offering some initial background on support for Sync Services in Outlook 2011, we heard customer feedback here, as well as on Facebook, Twitter and our product forums and wanted to provide an update on one of the top questions we continue to see come through – where is Calendar sync support in Outlook for Mac? We understand that calendar syncing across devices and applications is very important and hope this post will add more clarity to where we are headed with calendar syncing across devices (via Sync Services), applications and web calendars.

We built Outlook for Mac as a personal information manager for users to manage their email, tasks, contacts and calendar. In the development of Outlook for Mac our goal was to make it the most reliable client for Exchange users and we feel we have done that. We still have work to do for customers not on Exchange and encourage you to read on for details.

I have Outlook 2011, but am not on Exchange. Can I sync my calendar to my iPhone (iPad, Mobile Me)?

Not today. We recognize that there are customers who are not on Exchange and we are working on adding additional sync support to make your experience better. We will add calendar sync support through Sync Services in the first half of 2011 (background on why it isn’t available today here).This update will solve for customers looking not running Exchange to sync their Outlook calendar across devices such as iPhone or Mobile Me.

What if I try to sync to my Windows Live or Google Calendar with Outlook for Mac?

At this time, Outlook for Mac does not sync with web-based calendars such as Windows Live Calendar or Google Calendar. While we recognize that for some this is an important part of their workflow, we don’t have any information to share on potential future updates to enable web-based calendar syncing. We realize that for non-Exchange customers heavily dependent upon calendar syncing across multiple devices, applications and services, Outlook for Mac may not be ideal.

What are my other options?

If you’re not running Exchange, we do want to point out that you have the option of continuing to use Entourage 2008 with Word2011, Excel 2011, PPT 2011. As we continue to make Office for Mac the best productivity suite on the Mac we hope you will continue to submit your feedback, comments, suggestions, frustrations here. It is this feedback that keeps us in touch with your needs and helps us prioritize fixes and updates moving forward.

Here is a chart of some common scenarios to and the level of sync support today:

Service Calendar E-mail Contacts Tasks
Exchange (across devices include iPhone) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Google No, Outlook 2011 does not support Google Calendars at this time Yes, Outlook 2011 will sync with Gmail through IMAP Yes, you can sync contacts from your Google account if enabled in your Address Book app No, Outlook 2011 does not support Google tasks at this time
iPhone/iPad No. Expected resolution in first half of 2011 Yes Yes No
MobileMe No, Outlook 2011 does not support MobileMe calendars at this time. Expected resolution in the first half of 2011 Yes, Outlook 2011 will sync with MobileMe e-mail accounts through IMAP Yes, you can sync your MobileMe contacts if it’s enabled in Mobile Me preferences No, Outlook 2011 does not sync with MobileMe tasks at this time
Windows Live No Yes, Outlook 2011 will sync with Windows Live e-mail accounts through POP No No
Yahoo! No, Outlook 2011 does not support Yahoo! calendars at this time. Currently, there is no timetable for adding this support. Yes, Outlook 2011 will sync with you Yahoo! e-mail accounts through POP/IMAP Yes, you can sync your Yahoo! contacts if enabled in your Address Book app No, Outlook 2011 does not sync with Yahoo! tasks at this time

Richard Kmieciak

Program Manager, MacBU

November 23rd, 2010
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  1. Gabriel says:

    In the next version of OSX maybe integrated: Mail, Contacts and iCal.
    and thus will not have to worry about it, because we dont no longer use Outlook 2011.

    Mactopia Team ere lagging behind

  2. Annoyed MS user says:

    Maybe my opinion will not be supported by some of the die hard mac users but i only want to have Office for Mac because i have to use the office suite for work. Using a VM solution(Parallels 6) to run the windows office suite is annoying. I have been using Office 2011 for MAC but get frustrated with the differences. I just want to have the windows office suite on my MAC not a completely different Office for MAC. It needs to at least support the same functionality across both platforms or be able to run in “windows mode.” It is so annoying to have to relearn the Office Suite and then find out all of the limitations in what is “dubbed” the best version of Office for Mac. I would ditch it all but I can’t get around using Office for work. Please just make things work better.

  3. Tony says:

    Maybe this will work when they update outlook 2011 to sync with iCal so that i can get gcal into outlook.

    ical syncs with outlook, use 3rd party sync tool such as spanning sync, which syncs gcal to ical thus an ass backwards way to get gcal into outlook.

    With me???? lol

    Any other suggestions please post!!

  4. Steve Ballmer's Magic Hair Grow 3000 says:

    Thanks for SP1!

    Ran Outlook today and WOW! There it was, an update!!!! The one everyone on this blog has been dying for so we can rely on our calendars (if we aren’t on Exchange).

    Low and behold my calendars are all synced!! No more jumping between iCal, Google and Outlook. It took a while but you guys got it done, and at least on my MacBook, everything went smoothly with the install of the update.

    I can’t begin to tell the Mac Team how great it is not to juggle 3 calendars applications/programs.

    Again, thanks.

  5. Jooz says:

    Any update from Microsoft on the update due Q1 2011 for Calendar sync b/w outlook and mac / iphone ?

  6. cms2 says:

    This is absolutely absurd. So glad I purchased a software suite, one-fourth of which is utterly useless. Anyone else think there’s a class action here?

  7. Erik W. says:

    I am a small biz guy and echo the sentiments above..great frustration. I only wish I knew sooner.

    Has anyone used or as an exchange server? My understanding is that it’s about $20 per month but you can then use sync for calendars etc.

  8. DLM says:

    Had I known that Outlook didn’t sync with iCal when I purchase the Office suite, I would never had spent the money. Now I use only Word, and use iCal and Address Book for calendar and contacts management and everything works great. My desktop Mac, laptop, iPad and iPhone sync seamlessly. Shame on me for not doing my homework before upgrading, but I’d never spend the money if I had to do it over again.

  9. Stephen McFadden says:

    I have just downloaded office 2011 upgrade version 14.1 expecting a fix for Calendar in Outlook to be able to sync with Iphone 4 however with still no success. Please advise.

  10. Rod Collier says:

    You put out a 11.0.2 update with two tiny bug fixes in it? When are you going to actually put back the functionality back into the product you removed from this release of Outlook?

    Knock, knock… anybody there at Microsoft working anymore?

  11. Scott Chalmers says:

    Well, here it is August 2011 – the first half of 2011 is gone – but where is the synch?

  12. dysan819 says:

    Looking forward to sync with Gmail Calendars.
    Current Sync services are useless.
    Is Apple paying you to not develop this so we are stuck with their terrible mail/calendar clients?
    This should be pretty embarrassing for you.

  13. pdileo says:

    Very disappointing, Entourage was better. MS should be ashamed of themselves for allowing a product out that is inferior to Entourage and cannot perform basic synch services!!!! . No support, No help….if Apple develop a more Enterprise ready ical and imail I will switch immediately. MS listen to us and fix MAC Office quickly or you will lose more market share.

  14. Donn Atkins says:

    Where can i find out if there will ever be a solution for calendar sync between mac and iphone other than a cable sync with itunes?

  15. Andrew says:

    So is syncing with Gmail Calendars still NOT available?
    One post further up suggested SP1 had fixed this?

    If it did how do I get it to work?


  16. Andy says:

    Same complaint as everyone else – officially in the second half of 2011 – and still can’t sync with MobileMe.

    Very disappointing Microsoft.

  17. Lawrence Holliday says:

    I have followed all instructions I can find (turning on sync services, etc.) to get Outlook for Mac 2011 (version 14.1.3) to sync to an Ipad via Itunes. Nothing is being synced! I’ve synced all my apple mobile devices to Windows Outlook via Itunes for years with no issues! Please help – this is a serious issue for my business!!

  18. David Driesen says:

    I go to synch services and click the boxes. The text says this synchs Outlook to Ical, but then it doesn’t happen. What gives? I left MS for MAC long ago because of this kind of crap. If I wasn’t forced to use MS at work, I’d be completely gone.

  19. neil says:

    I thought all of the syncing issues would be resolved in 2011. Well …it’s 2012 and full syncing with windows live (calendar, email, contacts, tasks) are still unresolved. This is most frustrating. Microsoft …please issue an update to fix these problems. A program that claims it’s the best in the industry and still hasn’t fixed their minuscule issues proves that its no where near the top quality. These issues should have been resolved long ago. Don’t keep your customer waiting…the won’t wait for ever.

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  21. Clint says:

    Well Neil,

    it’s May 2012 and the syncing are not resolved yet. Don’t get me started on iCloud support.

  22. Don Eisen says:

    Now that has become defunct in favor of iCloud, how can I sync my calendar and contacts with my iCal and mac Address book software on my same machine, my iMac which is my primary computer and on which I run both Office for Mac 2008 and mac software, including iCal and Address Book?