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Planes, Trains, and Notebook Layout View

It’s summer now! I plan to visit the United Kingdom
and decided to use Office for Mac as my trip planner.

Before the trip, I booked flights, train tickets, hotels,
and tours and received all the confirmations in email.
Now how was I going to keep all this information organized
and decrease my chances of accidentally deleting an email?
Word for Mac to the rescue!

I booked 4 flight tickets, 4 hotels, and 4 train tickets. I don’t want to mix up all these records, so I use Notebook Layout View to help me. To see this view, on the View menu, click Notebook Layout.

The document now looks like a notebook. I use the tabs on the right side of the notebook to classify my information. For example, I used 6 labels to sort my information: Flight (BJ), Flight (UK), Train (UK), Hotel, Tour and Train to Oxford. Each tab is a different color, which makes it easy to find information.

I will spend 15 days in UK, and I plan to visit 3 cities: London, Edinburgh, and Belfast. In order to ensure no surprises happen during my trip, I made a very detailed plan for each day. Each tab includes the itinerary for that day. There are several days in the trip that are critical because I need to travel from one city to another. In order to draw attention to these days, I changed the color of the tabs. Now I can scan the notebook to remember my departure days.

Check the topics here to learn how to record a note or other fun ways to keep organized with Notebook Layout View.

- Rex Tian, Office for Mac Program Manager

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