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Shape shifting Office objects

What? No egg shape? If you want to fine-tune a shape in Office for Mac 2011, or even create a different shape altogether, you can edit its points.

For example, turn a circle into an egg shape. Or rearrange the points in a freeform shape that you created with the drawing tool.

To see the points on the shape, right-click (or hold down CONTROL and click) the shape, and then click Edit Points. Then drag a point wherever you want.

Tips Zoom in 200% or 400% for more precision. To move the object with finer control, hold down COMMAND and press any arrow key.

For more information about changing shapes, read the following Office for Mac Help topic: Add or change a shape.

- Dawn, Office for Mac writer

February 3rd, 2012
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  1. kawsar says:

    i really like it

  2. kawsar says:

    I really liked it.

  3. Jason says:

    These little tips are nice, but when can we get an update on Lion integration features like full screen and iCloud?