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SP2 now available for download

This post is outdated - visit this link to download the most recent update.

Service Pack 2 for Office for Mac 2011 is now available for download here:

We appreciated your feedback! As the newest member of the Office for Mac family, Outlook 2011 continues to get the most requests from consumers and businesses alike; therefore, our top priority for this release was Outlook, and this service pack resolves many of the most common requests. The more notable Outlook enhancements include:
• Sync performance with Exchange server,
• Performance improvements while deleting multiple items,
• Displaying email message content, and sending email.

Outlook performance is also improved in IMAP account sync and the database rebuild utility. New capabilities include:
• Scheduling resources in the calendar,
• Distribution list expansion,
• Week number display in the calendar.

Word, Excel, and PowerPoint have improved performance with additional modest improvements. For example, we updated PowerPoint to take advantage of full screen view in Lion, and we improved grammar checkers for Italian and German languages. We also made it easier to work with Office documents on SkyDrive and addressed several smaller issues in response to your feedback.

If you’re interested in seeing the complete list of fixes and updates, you can find the Knowledge Base article here:

Thank you for your comments and feedback – keep them coming. And please enjoy SP2!

-Pat Fox

April 12th, 2012
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  1. Kathleen Rockefeller says:

    Update resulted in that delete Daemon message and frankly I have no idea what that is. Would love to be brave enough to try the fix suggested by Fernando but I’m not a techie and this makes me nervous. On hold waiting for MS support for almost an hour and really cannot wait much longer. This is the first time I’ve had this much trouble with an update. Guess I’ll have to go use my Mail program.

  2. Steve Picou says:

    Outlook broken on my machine too. “Please upgrade the Office database” constantly popping up and then quitting. This is happening to many of us, MS. Please advise and/or fix!

  3. Austin says:

    I don’t understand why it says that only PowerPoint has full screen support in Lion when in actuality, both Word and Excel have it too. I’m not complaining (because I’ve been waiting for this feature since July) but I don’t understand why that’s not included in the release notes.

  4. Craig Glenn says:

    If you are using MS Office 2011 home/student version for mac, beware.

    I did the normal auto update MS Office Service Pack 2 for Office 2011 when prompted. After I did, Office locked me out, asking for the original Product Key. Smart guy that I am, I have the product keys recorded on a Word Doc. Calls to Microsoft not-so-immediately landed me in India, where they insisted I pay $199 for a new activation key. The support supervisor was very rude about the entire thing.

    I see that others on internet have been reporting this problem too.

    No way to get help. I would appreciate it if Microsoft Support actually live up to its name. I am dead in the water unless I get on an airplane to get the original CD or box.

    If you don’t have the product key (traveling?), don’t update.

  5. Barry says:

    WARNING – the outlook upgrade completely destroyed my Tasks database and restoring and rebuilding over 3 days DID NOT solve the problem. At this point Outlook is completely unusable to me and I lost 8 months worth of sales notes that were in Tasks.


    I looked for Microsoft tech support and they want $269 just to take the call. Unbelievable.


  6. Thomas Chang says:

    Thanks for the update. Unfortunately, the Outlook is broken down. The system required me to rebuild, and never works. I have no idea. Therefore, I have to visit my email through the Safari. Bug!

  7. Thomas Wong says:

    I am using Macbook. Last Saturday, there was an update in Microsoft update. After update, I discovered one problem. I made a rule to make a copy in the inbox for all the emails I sent out. The email copy in inbox can’t be opened, can’t be moved to any folder, can’t be deleted after the outlook update. Why? Any solution?

  8. Don says:

    Wow. After the update, now I can no longer open my .doc files.

    I haven’t seen this reported here as yet.

  9. David Lilienfeld says:

    Unfortunately, I keep getting messages about having to rebuild my identity, and then that my identity is older than this Mac. This has prevented me from using the updated Outlook. Can someone please tell me how to move forward?

    PLEEEEEEEASE? I haven’t any idea what to do next.

  10. Steve says:

    After this update I am seeing near constant traffic between Outlook and the Exchange server — I dont recall this being an issue under 14.1. Wondering if this is by design.

  11. Tim says:

    Won’t use Outlook until it supports CALDAV. You should make it a priority, seeing as a vast majority of your customer base have been crying out for it for ages.

    Useless to me until you do.

  12. jimmy says:

    I upgraded and now I can’t open Outlook as it’s asking for my product key (I have no idea what it is).

    Why do I have to register again??

    Great, there goes my work day.

  13. DanR says:

    Why won’t outlook automatically identify and adjust for the correct signature for each specific e-mail account?

  14. DanR says:

    Won’t even allow insertion-replacement of signatures in outgoing e-mail messages……

  15. hebrew man says:

    where is the RTL support???
    it’s already 2012 and microsoft still can’t add simple feature as RTL…
    very disappointing and rude! shame on you micro$oft!

  16. abass says:

    i cant wait i want to try it now

  17. Jeff says:

    After such a long silence, it’s good to see that the Office for Mac development team has been working on improving their product.

    Aside from one potential fix of Word’s sidebar crashing (which I haven’t tested yet), the fixes are, as Pat Fox wrote, “modest improvements”.

    Meanwhile, there are quite a few issues that just never seem to get fixed:

    1. The connectors in Word 2011 do not actually “lock on” to or connect to shapes used in a document.
    2. The Select Objects command for Excel 2011 is missing completely.
    3. In Excel 2011, when the user places the cursor into a comment box and types Command+A to select all text, Excel throws up the error message, “No objects found”.
    4. The Excel 2011 command to “Insert Text Box” is missing from the menus when editing a chart or a graph.
    5. The Advanced Symbol Browser in Word 2011 is tiny and difficult to use.
    6. When in Full Screen mode in Word, there is no way to zoom in on the document content using the mouse center wheel, besides using keyboard shortcuts or selecting the zoom factor from the drop-down menu at the top of the screen (but only if the full screen mode is in “write” mode).

  18. Brent Sellstrom says:

    PLEASE Microsoft Office 2011 folks: Please give us a new SP 2 update and official fixes for recovery from the effects of running the current SP 2 update. Where are you on this issue?
    Thanx, Brent

  19. Paul Hargreaves says:

    Unfortunately the schedules interface appears to have broken; there is no way to configure what accounts are getting what mails any more, or set whether downloads should just be headers, or full body of messages.

    Ho hum… at least the move/delete of messages to/from IMAP appears to be “instant” now.

  20. Martin says:

    Yes, it runs more stable and the performance is better. But there are still many features missing I would expect (Full Screen, Versions, RTL, iCal/ CalDAV sync, no different colors for different calendars in Outlook, …).

    I can’t imagine that this will take over a year to implement.

    Can we expect this in the future? And what about OS X Mountain Lion (Notification Center)? Are you working on that?

    I hope, we will get any information what is planned for the future and when this will be available.

    Without that I will continue using Mail, Calendar on my Mac.

  21. Erik Johnson says:

    Nice update, team! I love how much snappier Outlook is now (this was much needed), and things generally seem much more stable. So, thank you.

    However, I do need to reiterate what some other users are saying about things that have gone wrong in the SP2 update. Specifically, messages in the Sent folder no longer show text (only a header). This is a pretty serious issue, as many of us rely on having a good record of sent messages for our work and for legal reasons. I noticed that all sent messages greater than approximately five-months old now have no text body, just the header.

    Please look into this issue as it has very serious implications for us business users…

  22. Gayle says:

    After downloading the service pack I have been unable to open Outlook and am caught in a loop between Upgrading the database and Rebuilding my identity. I would not recommend this update until these issues are resolved. I will no longer be using Outlook 2011 and will be moving to Mail, as soon as I can get my data back.

  23. Christian Ross says:

    Thanks for the update! I particularly appreciate Lion Full Screen support in Word. I hope Office takes full advantage Lion features like Auto Save, Versions, Resume and Mac App Store distribution in the near future.

  24. Mark says:

    The new 14.2 has severly taken us a step backward in the connection to the Exchange server. Outlook is now running slower, and mail is routinely dropped into the draft folder with an “HTTP error – The server cannot fulfill the request.” This is happening across all users in the system.

    Any chance of a quick fix?

  25. Dale McMaster says:

    Since I upgraded I can not rename Outlook email folders — any suggestions.

  26. necron99 says:

    Broke Outlook emails with no from address.

    Basically the 14.2.0 no longer shows who the email is from or going to.


    Also reloaded it 3 times on 2 machines same results.

    Going back to 14.0. until this is fixed.

    • Damita says:

      John & Ron, You can change who is aolwled to send mail on your behalf by going to Tools > Options > Delegates Tab in Outlook 2007.Microsoft did build in a security measure. Because it’s personal email, you may have this enabled by default. But large companies will have this feature disabled and they have to manually add those that they would like do this for them.

  27. dasein says:

    Office for the Mac is an inexcusable embarrassment. Every Microsoft project manager associated with it should be terminated.

    Seriously. A year and a half after release, and you still don’t offer CalDAV sync? Every product in the universe offers it. Except Office for Mac.

    This latest release has turned into a disaster. With all of its resources and experience, one would think Microsoft could do something right.

  28. dasein says:

    And still no right-to-left.

    Word processors in the 1990s could do this. It’s now the second decade in the 21st century.

  29. Dayo says:

    Ditto for me to the comment below. I have not used my installed Office 2011 since installation due to the fact that i am a HOTMAIL user and Outlook MAC 2011 does not support hotmail. If i knew this before buying the office 2011, I would not have bought it. After over a year of release, it is shocking that Microsoft has not even made any attempt to support Hotmail, its own product!!!

    I read a lot of complaints and issues with SP2. However, I have to mention one more – and this one is a real surprising one:

    In the release notes the MS team proudly mentions all the improvements and compatibility resolutions in Outlook with regard to . . . Gmail!?!?!?

    And MSN/Hotmail still does not work with Outlook???

    This is simply inexplicable – how can MS work on a competing email platform to ensure compatibility and not its own Hotmail product??? We have been stuck with only POP3 access for years now and have to purchase alternate email clients to use MS’s product.

    Does this make ANY sense????

    It seems imperative that Outlook must have Hotmail/MSN IMAP capabilities. And if so, WHEN???

  30. AKolbe says:

    I would also like to stress the missing CalDAV support!

    It is really unbelievable that Microsoft doesn’t offer this feature after several complaints from the user base and the big marketing hype associated with the name change from Entourage to Outlook. It was supposed to be “like the Windows pendant”. Interestingly Outlook for Windows offers CalDAV support.

    It is utmost frustrating to see that you don’t see any comment from the Microsoft team on this issue. The “workaround” provided in the Q&A section is a joke, nothing else. So, please Microsoft team come out of your shelter and talk to your customers – because we pay you!

    To Office for Mac managers: The features you have added with SP2 are nice additions but not the functionality upgrade needed by a lot of your customers. So, you have spent the efforts of your staff on the worng topics!!!

  31. Adam I says:

    I really can’t understand how a company as big as Microsoft keeps ignoring the continues flow of comments and complaints that we just want RTL support!!
    I remember people asking it for it 8 years ago!

    Microsoft has opened its offices in Israel in 1989, a few years ago a R&D center has been opened, number of users in arabic speaking countries is inclining constantly and yet still there’s no support for right to left languages. This is completely a joke, you ignore brutally your customers, which will soon would longer be yours.

    I’m expecting this comment, like comments before me, would be ignored, what a disappointment.

  32. Terrence Newton says:

    When you have a document open full screen in Word, the document title is not visible — Not at the top of the main screen, and not when you use any of OS X’s task-switching tools. This makes it kind of a pain to switch between several open documents.

  33. Wrotaz says:

    After installing SP2, for the first time I had real problems using my iMac. I’m using an IMAP mail from work. It used to work pretty well, but with SP2 it constantly shows a message box with error: “Maximum number of connections from user+IP exceeded (mail_max_userip_connections)”. It seems to be fighting with ipad and iphone. Before, all of them where connecting to the IMAP account simultaneously, but with SP2 it is either ipad+iphone or mac. And it sucks. Have to go back to sp1.

  34. Lawdawg1231 says:

    It appears that support for APA 6th edition & MLA 7th edition are still missing in Word. I know this update came out months ago on the PC side of the house. It would be nice to see the Mac team keep up with current reference, citation and bib formats like the PC team. Having to manually extract and manipulate Office 2010 PC files to get support on the Mac is frustrating.

  35. Grant Campbell says:

    In future updates, a change to the PowerPoint Presenter View MUST be made.

    No one on the Office or PowerPoint has made a satisfactory response regarding this issue and yet many have noted it as a huge hindrance to using Presenter View.

    The issue is that you can not adjust the size of the slides that pop up at the bottom (“Slide Navigator” I think). Previous versions allowed the user full ability to resize every aspect of the Presenter View interface. Now it is useless for navigating back or forward to previous slides without skipping slide one at a time.

    Serious limitation and in fact a deal breaker if I had known this prior to purchasing this version!

  36. Grant Campbell says:

    In future updates, a change to the PowerPoint Presenter View MUST be made.

    No one on the Office or PowerPoint forum has made a satisfactory response regarding this issue and yet many have noted it as a huge hindrance to using Presenter View.

    The issue is that you can not adjust the size of the slides that pop up at the bottom (“Slide Navigator” I think). Previous versions allowed the user full ability to resize every aspect of the Presenter View interface. Now it is useless for navigating back or forward to previous slides without skipping slide one at a time.

    Serious limitation and in fact a deal breaker if I had known this prior to purchasing this version!

  37. krissylee says:

    I updated my Outlook of Friday and and I’m STILL not able to receive emails. We have tried to repair following tips but NOTHING works. And I cannot find anyone who has had the same error as me. This update is terrible. I’m ready to drop Outlook and go back to iMail

  38. megan says:

    I have a couple of issues with the latest Mac Outlook 2011 service pack update (4.13.12):

    1. All of the emails in my “sent” folder prior to the date the SP was installed (4.13) are no longer readable, the email is there, but there is no content. Using this for business it is important for me to go back and check to verify something was sent, or what was said exactly. This is an issue that needs to be fixed. AND I really hope that all of the content is not permanently lost.

    2. I have several email addresses I manage through outlook, but use it primarily for work – my default address keeps reverting back to my personal account even though I have marked my work account as the default. I have checked several times to make sure that I have marked the correct account as the default, but whenever I send an email it goes from my personal account. This is a big inconvenience and I have already mistakenly sent emails to clients from my person account.

    Please fix these issues!!!

  39. Rich says:

    Since installing I can’t rename any of my folders and dragging and dropping emails into gmail folders has become impossible. Can you help?

  40. Marcus says:

    After reading through all the disastrous feedback messages I am sorry to add another thing that is making outlook unusable for me:

    Ever since updating outlook keeps on syncing with the imap server and won’t stop. You can’t even manually stop it.
    This results in
    - outlook using more and more % of the processor (94% and more),
    - the fans turning at 6000+ rounds (which is annoying on a macbook air) and
    - outlook getting slower and slower in responding to anything

    The only thing I can do is quit outlook, restart it and wait until it gets unbearable again just to quit and restart again.

    This is a pain in the a** and so after finishing this comment I will switch to mail again.

    Will there be a fix in the near future? Does anybody have the same problem?

  41. Mirko says:

    Still no color support in calendar?

    Please, you can surely add this in the next service pack, can you?

  42. Vasu says:

    This is excellent work! Good update.

    1. Excel and Word — both look awesome on full screen. The context menus are relevant and overall usage of different desktops is great!
    2. Outlook — rebuilt my database, works like a charm now
    3. Overall stability seems tremendously better

    Good work guys! Keep it coming

  43. Norton says:

    Dear Mac BU,

    Thank your for all of your hard work, for the next update could I put in my plea for these items?

    * Disappearing cursor in Word 2011
    * Equation Editor issues or doesn’t work (especially within Word 2011)
    * General performance and stability

    Especially within Lion (and soon-to-be Mountain Lion)

    I have little interest in new features without some of the more glaring issues being addressed first.

    kindest regards

  44. AJ says:

    Please add Quick Steps to Outlook for Mac! I’d read it was in SP2 but I guess that was wrong :-( . Never would have switched had a I known.

  45. Oscar Teran says:

    Dear Team,

    Outlook messages on notification centre will be highly appreciated.

    Many thanks.

  46. cjr902 says:

    Well Word 2011 actually has worse citations than 2008. 2008 at least uses proper style with footnotes and a single click where 2011 creates basic in text citation ( Author 2012). This isn’t hard guys, just use whatever system you had in 2008.