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Many of us are familiar with the built-in spell and grammar check in Word for Mac and other Office for Mac programs, but did you know there’s also a dictionary built-in so you don’t have to open a browser tab or window to look up a word?

Or do you have a print dictionary close at hand? Kudos to you! (Mine is unfortunately gathering dust on a bookshelf at home.) For some of us, this handy Office for Mac tool helps save a little time.

For example, I wondered if I’ve been using “flummoxed” right all these years (vs. “flustered” or “confused” because it sounds and looks more interesting). Instead of switching gears and leaving this page, I stayed and looked it up here.

I highlighted the word, then went to Tools > Dictionary:

And that pulled up the Reference Tools toolbox to the right of my document. As long as you’re connected to the Internet, you can access online Reference Tools. The first time you do it, you’ll be prompted to click on a link for access. (After that, results will come up automatically – as long as you’re online.)

With that, I verified I had been using it right. Whew!
And, if I wanted to, I could also substitute any of those synonyms for “flummoxed” by clicking the Insert button.

To look up another word or phrase, type it into the Word or Phrase box at the top of the Reference Tools toolbox.

Do you use this already? Will you start using it now instead of going elsewhere online? What’s the most interesting word you’ve looked up? (Keep it clean, folks!)


June 19th, 2012
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