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Sweep the junk away

Junk emails – also called spam — can plague your inbox, waste your time, and be a general annoyance:

• Ads about real-estate agents not in your area

• “Vacations” you supposedly won

• Medical instruments you don’t need

When your inbox is full of junk emails, it’s hard to find the important messages you need. With Junk Email Protection features in Outlook, you can decide what you want and don’t want in your Inbox.

Ugh! Junk…

If you see a junk message, select the message and on the Home tab, click the Junk button, then click Mark as Junk. The message is moved to the Junk Email folder and assigned to the Junk category.

In Outlook, you can also classify specific senders and domains as spam by adding them to your Blocked Senders list, which is on the Home tab -> Junk -> Junk E-mail Protection. For example, if you add “” to this list, a message from a person with an email address that contains “” is always categorized as Junk and future messages from this sender/domain are blocked or filtered automatically.

Wait! That’s not junk…

If you see a message in your Junk Email folder that isn’t spam, select the message, and then on the Home tab -> Junk, click Mark as Not Junk.

In Outlook, the junk email protection filters are set to low by default, where only the most obvious junk emails are filtered. To further customize the filters, on the Home tab -> Junk -> Junk E-mail Protection -> Level, specify the level of junk protection you like.

Read more about how to keep important messages from landing in your Junk Email folder in the Outlook Help topic: About junk e-mail protection.

After all, it’s you who decides what is and is not spam. Take matters into your own hands and use the handy email filters to ferret out the junk.


July 10th, 2012
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