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‘Tis the Season for Deals on Office for Mac!

Love it or hate it – Holiday decorations are out in full force and you can already hear holiday jingles on the radio.  That also means Black Friday deals are here! So if Office for Mac is on your list to give or receive, we wanted to give you a preview of this year’s Office for Mac Black Friday/Cyber Monday discount.

During the Thanksgiving holiday weekend with any purchase of Office for Mac 2011 Home & Student  you will receive an instant $20 off – making it just $99 for the 1-Pack. Here’s a look at the deals that run Thursday, November 25 through Monday, November 29:

• Best Buy and MacMall (US): $20 off Home & Student 1-pack for $99 (regularly $119 ERP) and $20 off Home & Student Family Pack for $129 (regularly $149 ERP).
• Amazon (US): $40 off the Home & Student 1-pack for $79 (regularly $119 ERP) and Home & Student Family Pack for $109 (regularly $149 ERP).
• (US): $20 off Home & Student Family Pack for $129 (regularly $149 ERP).

Hope you enjoy the start of the Holiday season and Happy shopping!

November 18th, 2010
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  1. Brian Weiner says:

    I have eight brand new licenses of the last version of Office:Mac 2008 Business Edition that have never been installed since we knew that this release was coming. How can we easily upgrade? They were all purchased from Apple with our new systems…?

    Brian Weiner, President
    The One to One Group
    Sarasota, FL

  2. david says:

    C’mon…gimme’ a deal on the Home/Business single or dual license package and you’ll have a sale from me.

    I need Outlook…

  3. Jan says:

    How about Germany ?!
    Will we have a discount, too?
    Or are we eligable to buy it in the us ?!

  4. Dennis Yarborough says:

    Why not offer any deals for Home and Business? Since we can’t install Office Mac 2011 on more than one computer, I now have to purchase a copy for my desktop and my laptop. Needless to say, with that pricing scheme I will need to look for alternative solutions. I was hoping for a sale on black Friday that would help offset the cost of upgrading. If not, I guess I’ll need to wait for iWork 2011 and hope that it will satisfy my office needs.

  5. Office for Mac Team says:

    @Brian Weiner If you purchased 2008 between August 1st and November 30th you are eligible for a free upgrade. Find out more here:

  6. Office for Mac Team says:

    @Jan Wish we could, but unfortunately this specific deal is only offered in the U.S.

  7. Office for Mac Team says:

    @Dennis Yarborough We’re sorry, unfortunately we are not able to include Office for Mac 2011 Home & Business in this special holiday offer.

  8. Brandon says:

    What about a standard upgrade price for those with Office 2008 and who had it before August? Will that be offered?

  9. Office for Mac Team says:

    @Brandon Unfortunately, we don’t offer upgrade pricing for Office for Mac 2011 if you purchased 2008 before August, however the new suite does deliver a lower price per installation for all editions. You can also find some great Black Friday deals this weekend here:

  10. Greg says:

    The Home & Student 1-pack from Amazon seems to be $89.99; price checked today November 25th.

  11. Ronald says:

    Why does any version of office 11 cost around double in Europe compared to the US price. This is unfair.

  12. Ronald says:

    Never mind. Just realised that the apple shop just now only offers the family pack.

  13. Ron says:

    1- Every time I try to purchase on your site I get a screen that has me buying 2 Office Mac Home, 1 Home and Student edition and 1 extended download. I delete the ones I don’t want and then on the final purchase screen they are all back again. From the beginning I was only purchasing one Office Mac so I don’t know why the screen fills up with so many editions and then keeps coming back.

    2-Also, I can’t see if this is going to download straight to my machine or if I’m going to be waiting for it to come in the mail. There’s nothing in the screens you present to me that let’s me know.

    3-Also, I can’t see if Office Mac has a 15-day trial after which I can confirm the purchase, the way that you have for Office for Windows.

    My experience with you interface shows that you’ve let a lot of the routine details slip.

  14. Al says:

    Have Office 2008 for Mac Media Edition which offered 3 installs. Now there is no upgrade for Mac 2011 Home & Business Edition for early adopters of Mac Office 2008 or Mac Office 2004 (which I was), The full boat license only allows 2 license installs (not three as previously offered) so I’m forced to buy a 2 pack and a single. This seems to make upgrading to Mac Office 2011 a very steep/costly decision. Please advise as to a reasonable upgrade path?

  15. Jim L says:

    I have Office for Mac Student/Home Edition 2008 on my computer. I use Entourage for my email client. If I purchase Office 2011 Student/Home edition will I still be able to use Entourage?

  16. Haim says:

    Not having a good deal on the business edition is poor form. I’ll stick with 2008 until it stops working.

  17. JP says: doesn’t give us $40 off deal for MS Office!!
    Single license is $89 instead of $79.
    Should I buy this or wait for better deal?

  18. Rich says:

    Why is Outlook only included in the Home & Business version of Office for Mac? I have been using Entourage since the Office for Mac Home & Student version was first introduced. I hope you have a very good reason (or several reasons) for this decision. The only one I can think of is that Microsoft has to squeeze more profits out of the MacOS marketplace.

  19. Jeremy says:

    Amazon hasn’t been lower than $88.99 for the 1-pack this whole weekend. Such a bummer.

    Did you guys get the price they would be offering it at wrong, or should we continue to hold out and hope for it to drop to $79 on Monday?

  20. John Weilert says:

    Amazon’s site advertises the single license Office for Mac 2011 today for $89.95, not $79.95. I contacted Amazon via their chat room, and the rep seemed clueless about this special. He speculated that they’re out of stock, but the Amazon site claims in stock. Any idea re the discrepancy?

  21. Chris says:

    The Product Key I was sent via email is said to be invalid when I enter it.

    And both MSFT and Digital River could not make it more difficult to find a phone number or a direct way to reach anyone. My $129 order went through nearly instantly, yet nobody is available when something goes wrong. I am unable to access MS Office as a result of this.

    This is a cowardly approach to sales and service.

  22. Stuke says:

    I agree with others, just another lame special with no (zero) possible hope of Outlook for us H&S users.

  23. Jim says:

    For H&S Edition Users:
    please be aware that there’s an ACADEMIC EDITION whose price is 69$, that is available by Microsoft. It INCLUDES OUTLOOK.

  24. alexander says:

    I recently migrated from PC to mac, bought a macbook air that comes without a DVD drive. I bought Office for Mac Home and Business 2011 at the same apple store assuming that I could install the program from the web. As per instructions I went to in search of office for mac 2011 download, to find that the only way to download is to buy it again and now i am with a mac which I can not use and am not close to a store to buy the external drive. Can anyone help me figure out how to install this application from the web? I need help!

  25. chris almeida says:

    my cousin in the United States purchased a copy of office 2011 for my macbook pro back on black Friday. Anyways, my plan was for him the E-mail me the product key since I am living in Curitiba Brazil and simply enter it whenever a trial would come out. This past week I went to a Apple re-seller’s store and asked the gentleman working there if there was a way to download the trial, and he informed me that if i sent an E-mail or a message directly to microsoft that there was a way. I’m not sure if he is right or not, but if not, when will the trial be released?

    chris almeida

  26. Office for Mac Team says:

    @chris almeida Unfortunately, there is no trial of Office for Mac 2011. You can download the purchased software here and use the product key your cousin purchased:

  27. Angel says:

    @ Alexander, I have same trouble as yous. Did you find a solution now?

  28. Lyn says:

    As a family we were excited about the new Office for Mac only to find we need a business license for TWO users in order to install Outlook instead of using crummy Entourage- the main reason we wanted to upgrade to the new edition.

    First – Outlook isn’t on the Family/Student edition.

    Second – If you buy the Family version you can put it on two computers, but for the Business version (the only one with Outlook) you can only have it on one computer.

    Third – Outlook is what we want, but we can’t even purchase it separately.

    Bad form Microsoft!!!