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Toast the season with OneNote

Fall is my favorite season. When the leaves begin to turn,
I can’t wait to light a fire and start planning for the

To celebrate the season, I like to host dinner parties. I
provide the main course, and my friends and neighbors
bring salads, desserts, and everything else.

For a while, we were emailing and texting to coordinate all this. That got out of control quickly, so I started using OneNote, my favorite Office web app, to get us organized.

I made a shared OneNote notebook to track our menus. There’s a page for my main dish and a page for friends to add what they plan to bring. Because the notebook is shared, everyone can see who’s bringing what, avoiding an all pie, no salad mishap.

My favorite part is that my friends with iPhones see the same notebook on their phones, making a last minute pick up simple.

Here’s how you can create your own shared notebook on SkyDrive that will also sync with iPhone.

Add your friends to your Hotmail contact list
1. Sign in to your Hotmail account.
2. In the left pane, click Contacts and enter the email address for each person you want to share the notebook with.

Share a folder
1. At the top of the Windows Live home page, click SkyDrive.
2. Choose a folder that you’re comfortable sharing, or create a new folder.
3. Select the folder and make sure that you see the options on the right side of the page.
SkyDrive sharing options
4. Under Sharing, click Share.
5. Choose how you want to share the folder, for example by email or with a link.

Create a OneNote notebook
1. In the left pane, under SkyDrive, click Files and open the folder you just created.
2. Click the OneNote icon to create the new shared notebook.

3. Name the notebook and add the sections and pages you want. The people you’re sharing with can open and edit the notebook by following the link they received.

Sync with iPhone
1. Sign in to OneNote Mobile on your iPhone or iPod Touch.
2. Tap and then tap Notebook Settings.
3. Turn on the shared notebook to sync it with your device.

If you’re an organizer like me, you’ll love what you can do with OneNote.

It takes a few minutes to get everything set up, but makes group planning for anything a lot simpler.

By the way, we just released OneNote 1.3 for iOS, which includes some new and improved features, including a version for the iPad. For more information, see the OneNote blog on

- Mona, Office for Mac writer

December 13th, 2011
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  1. Mikael says:

    Great news!

    Now we just waits for the Mac version of OneNote, that would be great to have together with the iPad app!

    Thank you,

  2. dasein says:

    The requirement of a Hotmail/Live account to even give OneNote a try, much less adopt it into a workflow, evaporates any interest from me.

  3. OfficeMac Question - clipart says:

    Does anyone know if OfficeMac has any clipart capabilities?

    I currently have ‘Pages’ which is PATHETIC. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone besides perhaps a used car salesman who wants an incredibly ugly flyer to print out.

    Thank you to anyone who may know if OfficeMac will allow the user to utilize clipart; whether it comes with the program or if you can purchase it extra.

    I appreciate it more than you’ll ever know!!!!!

    • Office for Mac Team says:

      Hi there. Yes, there is clipart that comes with Office 2011.
      Click View > Media Browser. Then click the Clipart tab on top of toolbar, and drag the image you want to your document.
      You can also download thousands of free images and clipart here:
      Hope that helps.

  4. John Goettle says:

    As a student, I would greatly appreciate a version of Microsoft OneNote for Mac OS X as part of a future Microsoft Office for Mac release. I am aware that the notebook layout template in Word for Mac provides some of the functionally of OneNote. However, it is not compatible with OneNote notebooks. Windows users cannot view the notebook layout template formatting on Word for Mac. It also does not provide all of the functionally of OneNote on Windows such as screen clippings, and video capture. A lot of students are using Macs, and would greatly appreciate a version of OneNote. Microsoft has already developed a version of OneNote for Apple’s iPhone and iPad. I don’t think it would be a challenge for Microsoft to bring OneNote to the Mac. Thank you for reading my comment.

  5. JohnC says:

    Dear Microsoft Team

    Please bring us the OneNote for Mac! We’re waiting so hardly!!!

    Thank you!

  6. ozaz says:

    I want OneNote for Mac too. Using the online version of OneNote is just not useful to me, because a lot of the times I want to use OneNote, I don’t have internet access. The longer you delay releasing OneNote for Mac, the more likely I am to switch to EverNote and that means I will no longer need to use the Windows version of OneNote or SkyDrive for syncing.

    From @John Goettle:
    “As a student, I would greatly appreciate a version of Microsoft OneNote for Mac OS X as part of a future Microsoft Office for Mac release”

    I would strongly prefer that Microsoft did not wait until the next iteration of Office for Mac before releasing OneNote. I’d much rather it were released as a standalone product ASAP.

  7. Brenda Lee Johnson says:

    It’s been hard to keep my two lives going at once (PC at Work, where I was introduced to OneNote; and then migrated to 99% Mac at home). I can’t sync them without OneNote for Mac. I feel like I was given a drug that I can only have on certain days of the week. Hope that they are hard at work developing an application that will run on the Mac Mini (since my hubby is the one with the iPAD), since the majority of my storage space will be on that drive. In the meantime, I will be tapping my fingers on the desk. Thanks in advance, developers! We need you!!

  8. Erland Lundin says:

    Yes please, giv use OneNote for Mac! I’m a newly Mac-user and the only thing I really miss is OneNote. And no when It’s available on iPhone/iPad I really hope you release a Mac-version!

  9. Dan Carter says:

    Dear Microsoft Team Devolopers for OneNote,

    PLEASE develop a version of OneNote for the Mac OS X!!!!!! It is proven here that the is certainly an need for it. How can you call it “OneNote” if I cannot use it on a Mac??? This is ridiculous! I see a void that needs to be filled. Isn’t this what every company looks for, a “VOID” that needs to be “FILLED”? It only makes good business sense to develop OneNote in every conceviable platform to be used univerasally. That’s the basis behind the concept of OneNote!! Without the develpment of oneNote for every platform a void creatted only to be filled by your competeter, “EVerNote”. Once again, how can you call it “OneNote” without the development of it for every platform, including Mac!!

  10. Amiya says:

    Dear Microsoft,

    Some applications are built to last and some to make people fall in love with them. “One note” is one such app.

    I am enjoying it on my windows and iphone. But I miss it greatly on my mac.

    With all due respect and admiration, please bring the “One note” application out for OSX.