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Update: Office for Mac 2011 SP2

This post is outdated - visit this link to download the most recent update.

On April 12th, we released SP2 for Office for Mac 2011. The majority of our customers have been delighted with the improvements – new features and performance. Unfortunately, a small percentage are experiencing some issues with the update, specifically related to the Outlook for Mac database. We’ve documented the primary issue and work around in a blog post that can be found here.

Our goal is provide the simplest update experience for everyone – so we have temporarily stopped pushing out the SP2 update through Microsoft AutoUpdate while we investigate the issue. Customers are still able to obtain the SP2 update via the Microsoft Downloads site by clicking here. We encourage you to either wait for the AutoUpdate, or follow the directions in the above blog post before manually updating to ensure you don’t experience issues. We will provide an update once we have more information to share.

April 20th, 2012
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  1. Mark McDaniel says:

    Still wondering why you guys don’t have full Google support…..there should be no issues fully taking advantage of IMAP with Mail (there already – thanks), Calendar (only through my Mac!?!), Tasks and Contacts….cmon guys, seriously!

  2. jonathan pincus says:

    Latest upgrade of Office for Mac killed Excel

  3. Don Montalvo says:

    Thanks for pulling this updater from Auto Update. It makes it a lot easier for us supporting thousands of Macs where the users have admin rights. :)

    Don Montalvo, TX

  4. John Deacon says:

    Re Outlook SP2 for Mac 2011:
    I had a problem where SP2 would not work & had to Contact your helpline. Had to wait.

    I still have two problems:
    1. When forwarding e-mails received – the dates of the e-mails received (after SP2 installed) do not show on the forwarded e-mails .
    This is critical.
    2. If I print an e-mail with attachments – the attachments do not show on the print. This has never worked on the imac as it does on Outlook on my PCs, and it is really irritating and unpracticable. I hoped that SP2 would address this issue but it has not.

  5. Kaj Gambäck says:

    I can not use my Outlock after the update. It tells my to by an update and my product key do not work.
    Hoping for help.

  6. Dayo says:

    I downloaded the SP2 an to my amazement and disappointment, it appears that Microsoft still has not fixed the problem whereby you can only connect to your hotmail account via POP3!!! Both Office 2011 and Hotmail are Microsoft products and i am baffled as to why the two don’t work together. Pls help!!!

  7. Arnold Shapiro says:

    The big advantage of writing software for Macs is that your test conditions include only a handful of machines. To allow an error of this magnitude to be released into the user community is an absolute disgrace. I’ve spent the last week tearing my hair out over this issue and I’ve lost confidence in my primary software tool. It would be a very simple matter to release a beta version to the user community and let people report errors for a while before the final release. Outlook for Mac is a big disappointment – it was touted as a replacement or clone of Outlook for Windows whereas nothing could be further from the truth. It still does not have many of the most important features eg. true Exchange integration and it is unstable. The people in Microsoft who run this team should all be fired.

  8. Jason Stanford says:

    We do not install or use Outlook here in the labs/classrooms I manage on campus. However, the SP2 installer fails consistently from the command line, due to one or more of the “postinstall” type scripts in one or more of the packages. Just FYI.

  9. t.kelley says:

    I applied the update for Office Mac 2012.
    when I went to use Word, the “please register” dialogue box came up.

    I grabbed my Office disk, and tried, twice, to get it registered on-line.
    After entering my product number, there is one question asked: How many computers have you installed this on? My answer – one. Boom – it hangs up. Wasting (another) 15 minutes of my time…
    Something is very amiss. I have used Entourage/Outlook through the various Office suites for years – probably more then 10 years. And never had a problem until now.
    Any thoughts on this, Mac Group?

  10. William Heise says:

    I do not use Outlook for Mac but I had a great problem with the MS Office 2011 SP2 update. It totally killed any work I did. The only way for me to get out this work ending problem was to do a complete Uninstall & made a new installation of MS Office version 14.0. Only yesterday did I go farther than the base 14.0.

    The only reason that I made the update in the middle of my 140 hour work week rather than waiting until now when I’m back to a 20-60 hour work week. I run my whole business on Excel so I was not a happy camper. But since I have run Excel since version 1 back in 1985 I have gotten use to doing complete installs many times during the year. But this was deeper than those is the recent 2 year or so past.

    I will be one of those now that will wait for the updated SP2 update. After it comes out I’ll wait to see what problems others have.

    Other than speed I like Excel 14 better than Excel 11. Excel 12 aka Excel 2008 was & still is too slow for me to ever thinking of using other than in emergency situations.

    I’d like to hear a little more about these so called updates to MS Office 2011. Are they in the programs that I use? I use Word 2008 because it still supports postal bar codes. They seem not to work in Word 2011 if I make any changes.

    I do not use PowerPoint other than when I am in school. Word for bar coded envelopes & short business letters that I do not put into Apple’s Pages. Excel for the rest of my work.

  11. stephen kaendler says:

    Hello there,
    this weekend I had a problem with Powerpoint presentation, saving them. The program told powerpoint discovered a mistake, i should save the presentation. Saving as a .pptx file was not possible. So I choose a .ppt file.
    This was the first time with this remark.
    Do you have an idea why, what shall i do?

    Stephen Kaendler

  12. Jeff Talbert says:

    Thank you for a great update, really happy that Microsoft is listening to its customers and giving us features we are asking for, including full screen mode in all the apps except outlook. You were more focused on bug fixes for outlook and understand outlook does not have full screen mode, which would have been nice though :-)

    I have noticed a bug that I would like to let you all now about. If your using dual monitors in powerpoint and have powerpoint ins presentation mode and swipe to another screen to look at another app and then swipe back to powerpoint, when you have powerpoint in fullscreen mode, it does not go back into presentation mode, it got back into standard edit mode. If you do not have powerpoint in full screen mode and have presentation on and swipe back and forth, powerpoint shows the edit mode for a second then resets back to presentation mode.

    Oh on another note, a bug with Lync too…

    When you are using a USB headset and you plug it the headset in after Lynch has already been launched, Lync will not use the USB headset for VOIP calls even though the system is set for audio and Mic from the headset. You have to completely quit out of Lync and go back into Lync to resolve this.

    It would be nice if you put a preference setting in Lync that would allow uses to switch audio mode from within lync and more importantly it would be nice for you to squash this bug.

    Thanks again for a nice update.

  13. Steve says:

    It appears that this update has made worse a problem that has plagued others – namely, that Outlook maintains a constant connection to Exchange (2007) and chews up nearly all available network bandwidth. This is seen within corporate networks as well as remote uses. Basically, it renders Outlook nearly useless as one has to terminate Outlook in order to do any other work.

  14. Dave Heap says:

    Unfortunately, SP2 is not playing ball well with Gmail IMAP.

    When I first updated, after the obligatory database rebuild it added every outgoing email from the 35,000 odd I had already filed back into the ‘Sent Mail’ box. (Note that this was an ‘apparent’ duplication, not a real duplication, due to Gmail’s ability to add multiple Labels to a message). Any attempts to move the messages out of Sent Mail using Outlook were thwarted by them reappearing some time later. I am still sorting out that mess in all my accounts using Gmail web interface.

    I traced the source of that intiial problem to having ‘Save a copy of sent messages’ enabled and turned it off.

    Now I have another problem. I can now move messages from Sent Mail. However, examination of ‘All Mail’ on the Gmail web interface reveals that each move actually generates two separate actual space-occupying emails, one residing in the target Mailbox and another archived i.e. only in ‘All Mail’.

    This is a show stopper for me, as I need to sort my outgoing emails, but cannot afford the space wastage of having an extra copy generated with each move.

  15. Walter says:

    I downloaded and installed SP2 last night and woke up to a message to “upgrade my database”. I then followed your instructions on the proper procedure to fix the problem but it doesn’t work! I’ve done it four times now making sure I’m following your instructions exactly and it goes through the rebuild process and at the very end – when it is supposed to be done in Step 5 – it says the database can not be rebuilt! I left the PC world and entered the Mac world recently hoping for better but I drug Outlook with me. I should have known better. I hung on to XP for years and did not do many updates because new versions and updates failed to work on my old machine. Very disappointed in Microsoft.

  16. Bob S says:

    Installed 14.2, then did the Identity/rebuild “fix” after experiencing problems. And have now installed 14.2.1. However, Sync Services has gone away, and has eliminated all Contacts and Calendars on my iPhone. Is there a “fix” for that?

  17. Rhyder Savage says:

    I echo Steve’s comment above. I did not have the problem with bandwidth until I ran the SP2 upgrade. Outlook sends a constant upload to Exchange server 2007 and compromises the performance of the entire network when operating remotely. Upload speed is usually much slower than download so the pattern of the upload has a big effect on overall performance. I’ve now downloaded the service pack fix – i’m not sure if it’ll solve the problem. I’d appreciate some feedback from others if they’ve had the same issue.

  18. Rhyder Savage says:

    I’ve just applied the fix (14.2.1) and it now fails to sync with Exchange completely, this is a pretty disastrous situation and it probably means the end of line for me and Microsoft on the Mac. I have lost confidence in the product after many database rebuilds and Time Capsule restores. I love the functionality but there’s a big problem with this product.

  19. Peter G. says:

    Yep. Installed 14.2.1, as recommended. All my contacts and calendar events are fine in Outlook, but the installation wiped out all the contacts in Address Book and all the calendar events in iCal. I’m pretty sure if I sync my phone now, that it’ll get wiped, too. Is there a fix for that?

  20. Tim Martino says:

    I have installed 14.2.1 and now I am downloading about 3 emails every two hours. I thought this was the safe one to install. Seems like I am wrong.

  21. Grant B says:

    And it still offers no ‘AutoArchive’ mechanism for those of us on hosted MS Exchange servers. With user mailboxes edging up towards 15Gb in some cases, at what point does Outlook fail? Aside from deleting or manually dragging files around, what then?

    At a bare minimum, offer an automated way to move files from the networked folders across to local folders, mirroring the folder structure and having the emails still visible in Outlook.

    The third party tools do not duplicate “AutoArchive” in any meaningful way; this is something that needs to be addressed by the Office for Mac product team themselves.

  22. David Johnson says:

    I have Microsoft Office14.1.4 installed on my Mac, When I try to apply Service Pack 2 “Office 2011 14.2.0 Oputate can’t be installed on this disk. A version of this software required to install this update was not found on this volume. What am I missing? How do I fix this?

  23. Harmeet Singh says:

    For some time i have been waning to move away from Office 2011 on mac and then this SP2 upgrade came in. Since yesterday my outlook was not working and when i looked around, got to know that SP2 messes up with the outlook identities and workaround is to create a new identity and loose all emails in original identities. this is a real mess up no matter what MS can keep saying but it sucks.

    Any one know any way to get the original identities emails back….

    Switching to apple email now.

  24. Miika says:

    I don’t know what happened bewteen the last version of Office (which I hate, but use) and this new version (which I also hate, and ended up deleting and going back to old version) it is completely unstable. This is not new to MS Office for Mac earlier versions (2004 etc) also crashed regularly, without saving your data, causing heartache and loss of data. That was generally fixed with MSO:M 2008 but guess what, the problem is back in MSO:M 2011 Very unstable frequent crashes, and ultimately I had to delete this completely from my mac and reinstall my older versions of MS Office. Not ready for prime time (even though it looks nice once you open Word or Excel). I would avoid this for now until we hear if this is fixed in future updates.