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Update to SP2 now available

On April 19th, we withheld the Office for Mac 2011 SP2 update through Microsoft AutoUpdate while we investigated issues that affected a small percentage of users. As of this morning, we posted a 14.2.1 update that fixes a number of issues, including the Outlook for Mac database issue, and you can read more about the update in this KB.

This update is primarily preventative and targets those who have not yet installed SP2; however, whether you have or have not installed SP2, please run this update to bring your installation of Microsoft Office:Mac 2011 to the latest version.

Download the Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 14.2.1 update package now.

Thanks for your help and patience during these improvements!

April 25th, 2012
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  1. Jack Beckman says:

    STILL wants my product key after installing (which, of course, I can’t find – time to search some more). So no help for me.

  2. Jan says:

    I can not close the syncservicesagent. How do I do that?

  3. kevin durant says:

    microsoft word opens much faster after installation.

  4. E78V says:

    Will not update. I have installed the first vertion which was dropped.

  5. William Wagoner says:

    Cannot install – even though I have Lion (10.7.3) the “update” thinks I am running 10.5.8

    C’mon!!! Please help!!!

  6. Reed Laughlin says:

    Ditto on Jack Beckman’s license key problem — I have a volume licensed installer. I deployed 4 copies of SP2 before the patch was pulled, and on the 4th install, I had to remove and reinstall 14.1.4 because it was asking for a license key, which naturally I do not have. Not sure why this wasn’t addressed in the 12.2.1 patch.

  7. Steven Fraser says:

    Just installed the new update. Outlook now crashes immediately upon launch. From bad to worse. How do I fix this now?

  8. Esthesist says:

    And Still No Right to Left Language Support ? Why ??

  9. Jack75 says:

    When the MS Mac team will communicate officially about RTL support ?
    It is a long time request on OS X and the last answer you made, was you didn’t get any feedback about this…

  10. Tom says:

    I try to update, but it will not install. I get the error “Office 2011 14.2.1 Update can’t be installed on this disk. A version of software required to install this update was not found on this volume.”

  11. Tom says:

    I should have offered, I am running OS X 10.7.3 on a MacBook Pro.

  12. Paul says:

    When will you release a new version of Office for Mac fully compliant with Lion (or Mountain Lion) and taking full advantage of full screen mode and iCloud?

  13. Matt Jones says:

    Had a coworker install the new SP2 over 14.1.x. Install seemed to go fine. When he opened Outlook it asked to rebuild database. That seemed to go fine except that when Outlook opened all e-mails from a POP account were gone. E-mails from an Exchange account seemed to be OK although there were several synchronization errors initially but they’ve gone away.

    More testing reveals that Outlook is retrieving new e-mails from the POP server (Even sending out an auto reply set up in rules) but they do not show up anywhere in Outlook.

    MS!!!!! Third times a charm?!?!?!?

  14. Will Mayall says:

    The behavior of replying to a message with a Reply-To header seems to have changed. SP2 seems to ignore the Reply-To header and simply reply to the To header email address.

    This is improper behavior.

  15. pooh says:

    One of our customers’s Outlook wouldn’t start anymore after upgrading. Solved it by going back to a backed up identity, had that one rebuild before starting Outlook. This customer did not have 14.2.0 installed.

    Another customer who went to 14.2.1 (also skipping 14.2.0) had the same problem Matt Jones has: Empty inbox for his POP account. All mails gone, new mail would arrive but would not be shown. Rebuilding again does not fix this. Solved it by going back to a backed up identity, had that one rebuild before starting Outlook.

    I think all users should a) back up and b) rebuild before upgrading.

    This is going to cause many angry phone calls…

  16. Ivar says:

    MS MAC Team: Thanks for all your hard work and never giving up, I know that we all can sound a little (a lot) frustrated at times when our production machines stop working when an update goes wrong, but I also think that the majority of us appreciate the work you do!

    When you install Office for Mac, you do so for a reason. This reason often is just because there is nothing better than Office for office like tasks. OSX beat Windows, Office beats Pages and the likes. Mail in OSX is a JOKE! Outlook is GREAT, even with its flaws.

    Request: Please support iCloud just as good as my Windows Office 2010 does! It works so well and my Mac does not to iCloud as well as my Wintel….

    Request 2: Please fixe Excel conditinal formatting. I have files in Excel 2010 (.xls) and when I open them with Excel 2011 and save and then open them in Excel 2010 (still .xls) the CF is gone.

    Kind regards,


  17. Michael P. Loftus says:

    So I upgraded and it definitely runs quicker, however………I have completely lost all of my folders for 2012…HELP!!!!

  18. Michael P. Loftus says:

    So I have gone back and made old identity default, but it asks for upgrade each time, so I can’t get in to move folders online.

    Can I roll back the update??

  19. Harold Gribow says:

    Did the most recent Outlook 2011 for Mac update clear the calendar on my IPhone 4S? The update was downloaded yesterday and today I have no entries on the phone. Is there a way to fix this?

    Thank you

  20. Iain Murray says:

    Trying to update and it keeps telling me to quit Microsoft Word which I am not using and only gives me the option of cancelling the installation – help please

  21. Tim Martino says:

    I installed the update and now I am getting extremely slow downloads of emails when connecting to the Exchange Server. My connection to the Exchange Server drops intermittently an I have gone over 5 hours with out an email being delivered.

  22. Marcus Morba says:

    Cause I had update problems since 1 year I reinstalled the whole Office 2011 with SP 1 en but the update 14.2.1 does not find any version to update.

    OSX 10.6.8

  23. Marcus Morba says:

    Version first installed was from: en_office_for_mac_2011_with_sp1_mac_dvd_670905.iso

  24. Marcus Morba says:

    I get the error “Office 2011 14.2.1 Update can’t be installed on this disk. A version of software required to install this update was not found on this volume.”

  25. Pascal Gosselin says:

    I had 14.2.0 installed without problem but wanted to update to 14.2.1.
    I was faced a problem similar to the one reported above by William Wagoner. I cannot install : even though I have Lion (10.7.3) the “update” thinks I am running a pre-10.5.8 system.
    I tried to apply the update from another user (standard), without success.
    I then uninstalled every office related files with the help of “AppDelete” and tried to re-install Office 2011 from the CD. However, it was impossible for the same reason : the installer thinks I am running a system below 10.5.8.
    Ultimately, I re-installed a 14.1.4 version from Time Machine. I tried to install the 14.2.1 from the updater within 14.1.4 but was again faced the same problem.
    So, it seems that I am stuck at the 14.1.4 level…

    An idea to solve this ?


  26. John Hair says:

    I must remember not to update Office during a project. Did a quick update while waiting for an email with a Word Document, when I tried to open it I was asked for my product key. Time would have been wasted but thanks to Apple’s pages is was able to get the data.
    This is the only software I have that does an update and then asks you to input your product key.

  27. Martin Sobel says:

    I am getting a duplicate sending progress while sending messages.

    Also, what does the green indication light next to one of my e-mail accounts mean when looking at the accounts thru the Accounts menue under Tools.

  28. Ivan Siu says:

    Now Outlook won’t sync with iCal, which also means won’t sync with my iphone.
    Please fix this.

  29. Yann says:

    I can’t download the free trial pack for Microsoft office: Mac with my iPad. Is there a possible to download it? Can’t find it in App store

  30. Will Mayall says:

    My previous comment about the Reply-To header is only true for a very specific configuration and will not affect most users of Outlook. The fix needs to come from a third-party, not Microsoft.

  31. Anne Johnson says:

    Office Apps: MS Word 14.14 / 14.2.1 crash when choosing from the gallery, Crash when trying to do a save as to wither AFP / SMB Network shares.

    Excel is aslo crashing doing a save as.

    We are in the process of rolling our 300+ users back to 14 with the first update.

    Happens with the Service Pack 2. We are running OS 10.6.5 -10.6.8.

  32. Tom says:

    Running 10.7.3
    office 14.1.4

  33. Amanda Bettison says:

    My iPhone 4S no longer synchs with outlook :o ( No contacts, no calendar entries. Not happy.

  34. Marvin A Goodman says:

    After upgrade outlook will not delete email on gmail that i delete on outlook.

  35. DL Morris says:

    I maintain 3 IMAP accounts in Outlook 2011. Since the upgrade, only the default account stays connected and updated. The other 2 IMAP accounts do not. All 3 accounts worked prior to the update. How to roll back???

  36. Jason says:

    So is anyone going to fix the Attachment issue in Outlook 2011 that a lot of people are having? You send a few attachments and when the person that you are sending it to gets your email. they only get one of your attachments and you are wondering how that could of happened, because when you go in to your sent folder all of the attachments that you sent are sitting right there looking all nice and everything. I’ve noticed that mac had fixed this issue by adding a “Send Windows-Friendly Attachments” button so that the attachments would be encoded before they hit the Exchange server. This is all we are asking for is a small little button that we allow us to do our job as fast and efficient as possible. And if you work with windows they have the ability to turn on and off this same feature that I’m asking about. So why would you put it on one version and not put it on the other?

  37. Clint says:


    Firstly I must say I love Office 2012 – even more than Office 2010, but really would appreciate proper support for iCloud.

    It’s not as though iCloud is anything new. I have 2 choices:

    1. Drop iCloud or
    2. Drop Outlook

    and unfortunately it’s going to be Outlook until you can sort yourselves. Shame on you Microsoft!



  38. Steve D says:

    Went from 14.2 to 14.2.1, and am now having trouble with extremely high CPU usage. Have created a new identity for my Exchange account, and rebuilt my Spotlight index, with no success.

  39. David says:

    The outbox folder has disappeared and I can’t stop an email from being sent. Is there any way I can put it back in the folder window?

  40. Ian Bryceson says:

    After installing SP2 soon after it’s initial release, my MacBook Pro started to heat up and became noisy (fan), even after more than 12 hours (in case it needed time to rebuild the database). I tried restarting the computer, cleaning trash, running it without other tasks, etc., but whenever I opened Outlook, the heating and noise returned, and I noted that Outlook used about 90% of the CPU activity. Then I went though a long and complex process to remove Office 2011 entirely, and reinstalled it without SP2. Then the computer behaved fine. After a few days, Microsoft released a “fixed” version of SP2, so I waited five days more, and decided to re-install SP2, and immediately the problem of heating and noisiness returned … and to my utter dismay, the computer began to malfunction and then stopped working completely. I contacted Apple Support and they tried to help, but I then had to give my machine to the Apple agent who sold it to me – the found that a cable to the internal hard-disk was damaged, and replaced it today. I restarted the machine, and everything is working perfectly, except Outlook is still causing the computer to heat excessively and the fan to be noisy HELP HELP HELP !!!

  41. Alex says:

    Any news about RTL support to be available in Office?

  42. Worn out Mac Office 2011 User says:

    For all of you trying to use Outlook… I gave up and went with Thunderbird. I found it works well for my needs. It may not work well for you, but you never know until you try it… I keep my old Mac alive for Outlook email purposes. At the end of the day, using (or rather, trying to continue to use) Outlook became plainly ridiculous in my world.

    However, Excel 2011 is killing me… constant hangs, nailing the CPU at +97% and never “unhanging”. Had to force quit hundreds of times… And Apple got every one of those Force Quit reports. *#$@, I’ve been Excel since the ’80′s. I giving up.

    Licensing… with a Mac Pro, you can add in PCIe cards (eSATA, for performance), but Office will ask you to re-enter the key every time if you swap out RAID’ed eSATA drives, as I do.

  43. Blake Hawkes says:

    This bug has killed an entire day of productivity for me. Terrible. All the supposed fixes for this bug are not working for me. What the heck?! Unforgivable.

  44. Shannon Weiss says:

    Since upgrading to SP2, Outlook has lost the ability to sync with my iCould email account. I have deleted and added it several times, but it refuses to see it. Any clues how to fix this?

  45. roberto gyemant says:

    i am afraid to install the new SP2. the last one made it so that a good chunk of my sent mails in outlook are just blank when i try to access them. i will not install this unless someone can assure me it will fix things and not make them worse. please advise. thanks

  46. roberto gyemant says:

    clarifying: i am afraid to install the new SP2 14.2.1 update package. the last one made it so that a good chunk of my sent mails in outlook are just blank when i try to access them. i will not install this unless someone can assure me it will fix things and not make them worse. please advise. thanks

  47. dasein says:

    The incompetence of Microsoft with regards to Mac Office is just astounding.

    A joke beyond sad.

    I’ve taken Office off all my computers. Plenty of other options that do something marvelous: work properly and reliably.

  48. David Hdz. says:

    And when Autosave and Versions?

  49. Chase Abrams says:

    I am trying to install the latest update and I am having a problem.

    Programs that won’t close so I can install my update:

    Microsoft Database Daemon

    I just have to keep exiting the update; please tell me how I can close those programs to allow the update to be installed.